The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion, Sergei Nilus

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

I only stumbled upon this book a few days ago. Several other literate friends of mine had already heard of it, and all had the same verdict to share with me: gruesome read! With the ongoing tragedies in Gaza, I had to find out for myself. I started by researching the author, Sergeï Nilus. I wanted to understand in which context this manuscript had been put together and published. And I was not one bit taken aback that many historians consider it a notorious yet bogus document that shouldn't be taken seriously. These protocols were allegedly the minutes of a secret summit that took place in Paris by the end of the 19th century and were transported all the way to Russia. The gathering of these Jewish "Elders" had a very specific purpose: controlling the world's gold, governments, media, educational systems, and Freemason societies. This book has been deemed to propagate antisemitic sentiments and to fabricate a Jewish conspiracy, much needed to avoid the Russian Bolshevik revolutions and assert the dwindling powers of the Tsar. To what extent can this argument be held? Is there such a Zionist plan for the world? Is it really being flaunted at this moment?

The fact that Jews have been again and again denying the existence of such a machiavellian scheme to eliminate all Gentiles, and establish a subjugating world government that is based on an autocratic rule, makes me believe it is definitely not fake. Just observe the self-entitlement the Zionists throw -constantly- in our faces. How many Jews, and here it is crucial to make a clear distinction between Judaism and Zionism, firmly consider themselves a more dignified race? On Tuesday, October 17, 2023, an Israeli air strike on a hospital in besieged Gaza left a toll of several hundreds of dead, innocent civilians. The world is in chock and the segregation in the pro and contra camps is raging. Divide and conquer. One of the oldest war strategies is still very much implemented in our days. And the problem is not about who is in the right and who is in the wrong. Because no human in his/her right mind can explain and justify ethnic cleansing. Right? And yet, a few weeks ago Armenians in Artsakh were massacred, displaced, and no voice was raised about the issue. When in 1976, Palestinians, who had been welcomed in Lebanon as refugees, bombed the Tal Chiha Hospital in Zahle and invaded the Nini Hospital in Tripoli to terminate Christian patients, no one sympathized with the Lebanese victims. The spokesman of the Arab League at the time, Mahmoud Riad, just stated that such occurrences happen when there are wars! I was born a few years later, and I have had my share of destruction, violence, and war-induced trauma. And I still cling to my empathy. Because what matters is to remember not to become indifferent to the pains of others. We often forget that we share our humanity when we let go of the things that connect us and focus on anything else that separates us…

Back to our book. In the version I read, the identity of the Elders of Zion is not divulged. The 24 protocols are plainly exposed, one after the other, and the reader will be horrified as well as made aware of how an omnipotent dictator, the King of the Jews, pulls the strings. In this post, I will only tackle a few. The Elders are in favor of ending the presence of the aristocracy and the "conservative" customs because liberalism and the false idea of freedom/liberty are what will permit the all-powerful and divine domination of the world. Amassing the gold and monopolizing capital are essential tools to impoverish the nations and hence enslave them. According to an abominable approach, God and Christians must be destroyed. While it is "indispensable to undermine all faith [...] and put in its place arithmetical calculations and material needs", it seems the most worrisome opponent to the Sages of Zion is Catholicism. All other religions will be easier to deal with according to them. To note: the two triangles of David's shield that are adorned on Israel's flag since the 17th century are a symbol of Practical Kabbala and Jewish Magic, and represent the pagan god Rephan! Dissent and hatred will be fomented. Even among Jews. The "inoculation of diseases" will be orchestrated. A universal war will then be triggered and none should be capable of standing up to them as these leaders hold the reins to most of the media/press, and have contributed to sowing discord among the Goyim that are referred to as "stupid cattle". Any means serves the ultimate goal. How can one fathom that Jews were sacrificed in the Holocaust by their own kin?? In such a twisted line of thought, it comes as no surprise that terrorism and fear are named as instruments to be used overtly and frequently, as well as causing economic depressions and bankrupting states, especially by way of usury. Once the objective is attained, the Goyim will gladly serve the superior race of the remaining Jews. Yes. Because some would have been sacrificed along the way. For the end target. And this reminded me of what the librarian at my school in Germany shared with me, some 30 years ago: the Jews "need" to feel persecuted -martyrdom has been celebrated by them for millennia- and hated to hold their ranks. It's their "raison d'être". At the time, I thought old Mr. Pavel, who was a Romanian immigrant to Germany, was trying to find out about my opinion on the Middle East geopolitics as he was helping me to compile a detailed historical file on the region. But it turned out he was so right! We are surrounded by webs of lies. We are deceived on so many fronts. Our duty to ourselves is to get to the bottom and the source of any kind of information we are fed...

In summary, this book is a must-read. Even if you consider it to be fictitious. And for those of you who would like to read more after this succinct review:
- A copy of the Protocols can be accessed for free here
- A dossier with FBI annotations to the Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion
- How did the six-pointed star become associated with Judaism? 
- The curious history of the six-pointed star
- A simple yet clear clarification of the differences between Judaism and Zionism

Happy reading 📚📚📚

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Fact of fiction, it's really interesting, and fiction always stems out of facts...
God Bless the earth and may humans learn to coexist peacefully.

Inshallah 🙏

Thank you for the valuable review. I agree with you that we live sureounded by lues and faked realities and we need to open our eyes and hearts more to the truth.
I will definitely add the book to my reading list

My pleasure! Thank you for reading and leaving your comment

Very very interesting and objective

Thank you for reading 😊

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