Advent Calendar Day 1: Amethyst


The first window revealed the amethyst in a rough cut.

Curious to know more about this powerful stone?

Read on!

The Untethered Soul


By Michael A. Singer, narrated by Peter Berkrot

6 hours 11 min

Once In A Blue Moon


What is a blue moon? How often does it occur?

Does it hold a particular spiritual significance?

Read on to find out more.

The Black Vulture... A Sign For Death Or Rebirth?


Spotting a black vulture in the Americas does not only happen in the wilderness.

This bird is not a simple scavenger and carries several -sometimes contradictory- spiritual meanings.

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45 Things I Learned... 44


It's true that I once wanted to become an architect, but that ship has long sailed since.

And because I have an eye for beauty and I enjoy harmony in colors and shapes, I modeled my interiors myself.

What is the connection between fashion, design, and hoarding?

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45 Things I Learned... 43


Today, I'm sharing my experience with turning vegetarian.

It happened by chance, but it's been more than 3 years already!

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45 Things I Learned... 42


Writing goes way back with me.

Curious about this story?

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45 Things I Learned... 41


One cannot love music and not cherish dancing.

What's the story?

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45 Things I Learned... 40


We all had or still have toxic people around us.

What can we do about that?

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45 Things I Learned... 39


I finally learned to stop rebelling against sleeping and put myself and my body to rest.

It took me almost 40 years to learn that!

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45 Things I Learned... 38


This post is about aura, energy, and vibration.

All these condensed in a gist!

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45 Things I Learned... 37


I have been blessed with the listening faculty.

Is that always a good thing?

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45 Things I Learned... 36


I have a thing for languages.

I enjoy learning and using them...

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45 Things I Learned... 35


What would life be like without music?

A tad miserable, I'd guess.

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