How Can I Help You

How Can I Help You

A couple of years ago, our NLP coach, Roni Matar, introduced us to the "How Can I Help You" campaign, that had went viral, initiated and launched by Reham El Mellawani. The concept is alluring: by asking how one could help others, one had to be resourceful and many times, one would learn new things/ways by simply looking for a solution or just by thinking creatively on assisting others.

Hence, I started a trial campaign on my 40th birthday. At times, I had to deal with dimwits and many other times, I would be able to genuinely assist others, which is a pleasure. After receiving many requests to keep the campaign, I decided to do it on a daily basis. First, I would just ask the question. Then I started adding a quote about something that had inspired/marked me during that day. More recently, I started posting a picture/artwork or more to go with the text...

Now in 2021, as I start year 3 of this campaign, I'm aiming at connecting the posts on the blog and other social media platforms. Will see where that leads...

Day 245 of Year 3


Browsing about peace, I stumbled upon this: “Real peace is not the calm. Real peace is the presence of God in the storm”…

Day 243 of Year 3


What goes around, comes around…

Day 239 of Year 3


Another working week is ending…

Day 238 of Year 3


Music has always spoken to my soul, regardless of my mental state. That’s why you will often see my feet tapping whenever I like a tune 😜

Day 236 of Year 3


As my friend and I discuss the global unrest, among other topics, some thoughts cross my mind. And I start reading…

Day 235 of Year 3


A new week has started. An additional chance for something fresh 🙂

Day 234 of Year 3


The situation in Lebanon is currently terrible. And because it is, I can’t help but see better times coming 🤷🏻‍♀️

Day 233 of Year 3


Tonight, trying to catch a glimpse of the moon, I felt a little blue…

Day 231 of Year 3


How can I not feel loved and blessed? My best friend called me this morning to tell me it’s siblings day in Brazil and we are sisters by choice thank you for being in my life