How Can I Help You

How Can I Help You

A couple of years ago, our NLP coach, Roni Matar, introduced us to the "How Can I Help You" campaign, that had went viral, initiated and launched by Reham El Mellawani. The concept is alluring: by asking how one could help others, one had to be resourceful and many times, one would learn new things/ways by simply looking for a solution or just by thinking creatively on assisting others.

Hence, I started a trial campaign on my 40th birthday. At times, I had to deal with dimwits and many other times, I would be able to genuinely assist others, which is a pleasure. After receiving many requests to keep the campaign, I decided to do it on a daily basis. First, I would just ask the question. Then I started adding a quote about something that had inspired/marked me during that day. More recently, I started posting a picture/artwork or more to go with the text...

Now in 2021, as I start year 3 of this campaign, I'm aiming at connecting the posts on the blog and other social media platforms. Will see where that leads...

Day 312 of Year 3


Starting a new working week with one of my preferred reads… it got me thinking how a connection between people is simply the energy that makes them feel seen, heard and valued so that they can give and receive without judgement and reap sustenance and strength from the relationship...

Day 311 of Year 3


Eyes are pure mirrors of the strength of one’s soul …

Day 310 of Year 3


Sometimes tears are a sign of happiness and a smile is a sign of silent pain…

Day 309 of Year 3


A recent incident at work got me thinking. And I was inspired for this post… because vision is the art of the invisible - Jonathan Swift

Day 308 of Year 3


I love people who are direct and walk their talk. You know where they stand and they don’t keep you guessing for the joy of their twisted minds

Day 307 of Year 3


The random musical selection for today inspired this post.

Some people hurt by words, some by actions, and some by silence. And we are hurt the most by that someone, ignoring us when we value them a lot…

Day 306 of Year 3


On November 2, we remember all souls. May they rest in peace and eternal light shine upon them 🙏🏻

Day 305 of Year 3


To me, November starts with all saints day. A reminder of all the ancestors behind each one of us as we walk in their legacy, their strength, and their powers…

Day 304 of Year 3


On October’s last day… I’m happy and can’t wait for winter 👻

Day 303 of Year 3


When I want to do something, I dive in with my head and heart. Or I don’t do it at all…

Day 302 of Year 3


It’s finally the weekend 👻 let’s admire the stars decorating night skies ✨✨

Day 301 of Year 3


Faith is knowing that no matter what lies ahead, God is already there 🙂

Day 300 of Year 3


Stumbled upon this quote today..
Hate cannot live alone. It must have love as a trigger, a goad, a stimulant - John Steinbeck

Day 299 of Year 3



The best part of life is when your family understands you as a friend and your friends support you as your family…
I’m blessed to be able to count on a solid close circle, even when I handle most of what life throws at me on my own.
Thank you mom and dad 🥰 I’m also grateful for each one of my peeps of the MC tribe 😁🙏🏻

Day 298 of Year 3


A new working week has started and I just know… 😁