How Can I Help You

How Can I Help You

A couple of years ago, our NLP coach, Roni Matar, introduced us to the "How Can I Help You" campaign, that had went viral, initiated and launched by Reham El Mellawani. The concept is alluring: by asking how one could help others, one had to be resourceful and many times, one would learn new things/ways by simply looking for a solution or just by thinking creatively on assisting others.

Hence, I started a trial campaign on my 40th birthday. At times, I had to deal with dimwits and many other times, I would be able to genuinely assist others, which is a pleasure. After receiving many requests to keep the campaign, I decided to do it on a daily basis. First, I would just ask the question. Then I started adding a quote about something that had inspired/marked me during that day. More recently, I started posting a picture/artwork or more to go with the text...

Now in 2021, as I start year 3 of this campaign, I'm aiming at connecting the posts on the blog and other social media platforms. Will see where that leads...

Day 365 of Year 3


Tonight, on the third year and 365th day, I write the last post of the How Can I Help You campaign… The past 3 years have made this project evolve. I’m quite proud of what it has become. And also grateful for all the feedback I received.

Because life has always been a good teacher to me, and sometimes quite a tough one, it is time to close this chapter, which was rewarding in so many aspects, and to try something new...

Day 364 of Year 3


I think most of us are happy 2021 is almost over.

It’s been quite challenging and full of lessons.

Because each end signals a new beginning.

I’ll drink to this.

Cheers 🍸

Day 363 of Year 3


In view of the mass psychosis ruling the world at this moment… can sanity return to an insane world? Who decides what is sane and what is not? Can we assert that sanity is not boring? 🤔🤔🤔

Day 362 of Year 3


The saying goes: Ideology is a poor substitute for kindness and decency. At the end of the day, it’s our actions, not our beliefs, that define who we are… what do you think?

Day 361 of Year 3


Rest in eternal Light, Desmond Tutu!

Differences are not intended to separate, to alienate. We are different precisely in order to realize our need for one another…

Day 360 of Year 3


Open your soul to silence. To hear it speak and explore new possibilities …

Day 359 of Year 3


December 25 is a special day to me.

First, it’s Jesus’ birthday and it also happens to be dad’s…

Thank you for inspiring me, along with mom, to become the best woman I can be.

Love you to the moon and back, dad!

 wish you health, happiness and blessings 🤗

Day 358 of Year 3


May the Lord grant us peace and renew our energy for the years ahead 🙏🏻

Day 357 of Year 3


Everybody is hustling around. Last minute preparations and gifts have to be secured. Have we posed for a moment to remember the essence of this Holy Day? Have we thought of the countless people who cannot afford a warm meal, or even have a roof over their heads?…

Day 356 of Year 3


On this day in 1989, the Brandenburg Gate was opened after decades. Several thousands of Germans flocked from one side of Berlin to the other…

No matter how long you try to lock the human mind in servitude, it will aspire to its rightful freedom!

Day 355 of Year 3


On perseverance… take a deep breath. Set one foot in front of the other. Pause. Now the other foot. Pause if needed. Breathe. And keep repeating until you get where / what you want

Day 354 of Year 3


It’s pure joy to me to listen to the rain and the thunderstorms

Day 353 of Year 3


A new working week has started. And with it plenty of new opportunities await 😁

Day 351 of Year 3


As long as I can remember, I tend to “detach” myself from any societal group and observe it. With curiosity. To understand its dynamics 🤔

I follow my own patterns and created rules. It’s my way to remaining true to myself, instead of living as a clone of a certain mold 🙄