I was introduced to the world of Audibles a couple of years ago. And ever since, whenever in the car, on a train, a plane or any other transportation means, I retreat to my bookish bubble and start listening.

Let's be clear that, to me, listening to books does in no way replace reading real books. This would be impossible! The touch and the smell and the looks of a book in paper is simply a world on its own... and I still do indulge in listening to loud music - when alone in my car. No noise pollution to the outside world, that is sure.

Let's just agree that listening to books while doing an "automated" action like driving or sitting in a vehicle is a good use of the time and a way to disregard erratic traffic happenings :)

A Mind Of Her Own


By Paula McLain - narrated by Hillary Huber

1 hour 15 minutes

Norse Mythology


By Neil Gaiman - narrated by the author

6 hours 30 minutes

The Gifts Of Imperfection


By Brenée Brown - narrated by Lauren Fortgang

4 hours 42 minutes

Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths


By Bernard Evslin - narrated by Todd Haberkorn

6 hours 32 minutes

Heretic: Why Islam Needs A Reformation Now


By Ayaan Hirsi Ali - narrated by the author

8 hours 56 minutes

Becoming The Narcissist's Nightmare


Shahida Arabi - narrated by Julie McKay

Part 1 - 6 hours 19 minutes

Part 2 - 6 hours 29 minutes

Part 3 - 6 hours 20 minutes

Kiss The Ground


By Josh Tickell - narrated by the author

11 hours 52 minutes

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK


By Mark Manson - narrated by Roger Wayne

5 hours 17 minutes