Peace Is Every Step

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Christmas is only a few weeks away and I have read and written enough about war, strategies, and tactics. In this spirit, this short and insightful read is a change of course to get re-centered and achieve inner peace. Because that is where it all starts: inside each one of us... The Buddhist monk who was also a Vietnamese peace activist is known as the father of the concept of mindfulness. In this book, with a foreword by the Dalai Lama, he shares his observations on how to achieve this state. 

Happiness is the fruit of every moment. Even planning for the future is done in the present. First tool is to breathe in and out calmly. This conscious mindful demeanor pushes each of us to enjoy internal peace and joy and radiate it to those around us. And so does smiling, which relaxes the muscles in our faces. The idea is to breathe in to calm the mind, and breathe out and smile to transmit cheer and glee. When we rush, we cannot spread serenity, starting by ourselves. Aimlessness gets us more in touch with life. That explains the way of eating and walking mindfully: simply grant yourself the time to delight in what you are currently doing. The second tool is to embrace whatever feeling washes us over and transform it to let it go. Dealing with negative emotions does not necessarily take place when you fear or avoid them. We can however heal with love, compassion, and compassion. When we treat ourselves with compassion, expanding it to others becomes easier. Because we do not exist by ourselves: we are individuals with other ones around us. Because when you behave with mindfulness, you can connect better to nature and you reconcile with others as well. Wouldn't that be a smooth way to reach inner and outer peace?...

You might not need to read this book to treat yourself kindly and improve your mental and physical health. It is however a structured reminder and guide to get back to the basics. And breathing is the best start! This is an easy and quick read. It will not be exposed in a convoluted way but through simple yet powerful analogies. Happy mindful moments 📚

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