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The coding and the skin for my blog's website were completed by Mario a few years ago. He had worked relentlessly to get the features as I wanted to have them and helps me out with any coding matter that arises.

Since then, I have enjoyed writing and publishing short and longer posts, in different categories. Many of you have also provided me with constructive comments/feedback and thus assisted me on this journey.

Being an avid learner and always scientifically curious, I still look forward to your constructive messages and notes for "It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others" - Michel de Montaigne, French Renaissance philosopher and writer.

Feel free to browse across the sections/categories and send me comments and suggestions by email or through any other platform. Happy reading :)

Commelina Communis, The Asiatic Dayflower


I enjoy relaxing in my garden and am sometimes reluctant to pull weeds from empty planters.

After all, they are living beings. So as long as they are not harming any of my flowers/plants, I just leave them be.

Read on to find out more about this beautiful flower that grew out of nowhere!

Refreshing Foods - Scrumptious Fruit Salad


It is the end of the summer, and the relatively high temperatures call for some freshness.

Read on to see how I make my fruit salad.

Feel free to get creative and let me kow how yours turned out!



Premiered at the Cannes festival on May 25, 2022

Released in June 2022

Daffodils: Symbolism, Varieties & Care


If one daffodil is worth a thousand pleasures, then one is too few - William Wordsworth

I stumbled on some wild daffodils on an outing with friends.

So here are some info about this flower, and its symbolism!

Spinach And White Cheese Turnover


This hearty and healthy dish sounds complicated to make but it is a simple one.

Follow the instructions in the post and let me know how your baking turned out!

Lavender And Its Benefits


Lavender smells so relaxing!

What are the other uses for this herb?

Read on to find out more 🌱

Sesame Breaded Feta With Honey


I often browse for easy cooking recipes. And sometimes my close friends share some with me.

This was a nice discovery and a delicious treat.

If you want to know how to make it, read on for the recipe!



Released August 2022

The White Spider


Last week, while shooting the short reel for the plumeria post, I spotted a small transluscent dude in one of the plumeria flowers.

I had to research it and try to learn the necessary to make sure my small tree is safe.

Read on to find out more about white spiders!

Simple Apple Cake


This is an easy to make yummy dessert.

You only need a few ingredients.

Read on for the full recipe!

Grow And Care For Plumerias


This winter was harsch on my garden. Every plant, shrub and tree looked like it has suffered a staged war and the garden seemed overall gloomy.

With the warmer temperatures and the guidance of 2 agricultural engineers, I managed to turn that general appearance around.

Read on for the tips on how to care for plumerias.

Strawberry White Chocolate Chips Cookies


Another strawberry recipe that you are going to love!

I discovered this last week and had to try it and the result did not disappoint one bit.

Read on for the details.