Impressions de Voyage

Impressions de Voyage

Traveling is my oxygen. I need it. Constantly.

Be it for work or for pleasure, and I mostly mix both, traveling to me is so much more than just taking the plane to a different location. It is in fact one of three (3) essentials that I absolutely need in my life. With travels I keep dreaming, learning and finding out about new things and re-discovering old ones.

My bucket list of countries to be visited is still long, even though I have been to the five continents already. I am working on shortening this list as much as possible ;)

Let me quote here a favorite: "To stay is to exist, to travel is to live". I am not sure who its author is. What matters to me is that it really sums up how I feel towards traveling: I don't feel alive if I had to remain in one spot. The world is mine to explore and check out.

Saint Augustine said it beautifully: "the World is a Book and those who do not travel read only one page". So here comes my invitation to you to join me and delve into the pages of my Book.


Australia. A Family Reunion At The Other End Of The World - Part 1


Back in 2013, I flew with my mom to Australia. I would meet my aunt and uncles and their families, and mom would see the siblings she hadn't seen in over 35 years.. as you can imagine, they were all hugging and crying as I awkwardly stood there, not knowing what to do at the very emotional reunion. Luckily, the tears were soon replaced with huge smiles and after a couple of days spent in Sydney and the suburbs, my mother and I explored several cities and enjoyed ourselves over the next 3 weeks.

These pics are a curated album of our wanderings in Ozzie Land. Enjoy!

In Lebanon... tourist of a moment


This gallery will display pictures taken here and there in Lebanon, as it feels good to play the tourist in your own backyard from time to time ;)


The Terminal - a real life saga


This tale is not about Viktor Navorski. You know, the man who couldn't enter the USA and neither return to his home country as played by Tom Hanks in the movie. This story is what happened to me earlier this month... man what an experience!

Kuwait - Weekend Getaway


Friday July 18 till Monday July 20, 2014

Street Art - LB


This is a collection of graffiti and art spotted across various streets in Beirut and other Lebanese cities/neighborhoods.

Multicolored Gardens


Mom has always had a "green hand" as they say: she is capable of planting a stick and having it bloom...

Here is a collection of her flowers and plants over the years.

Thanks, Mom for constantly reminding us that our bond with nature is crucial and for instilling in me the love of natural colors as a necessity of life!