Off To Canela To... Recharge

Friday, September 22, 2023

I was staying in Gramado, Brazil, for a week, and Canela is just a short drive away. This scenic little town was also an interesting exploration on its own. It attracts many tourists, especially in winter, because it experiences snowfall as it is located at around 600 meters above sea level. The Alpen Park is an amusement location where ziplines, bobsled, and other activities are offered. Ecotourism is trendy in the area but the activities in Canela go beyond that too. You can visit Jolimont Vineyard, a property founded by 3 Frenchmen in 1948, to have some wine tasting, and learn about the process of winemaking. I skipped this short visit as I was going to Bento Gonçalves. I'll share more about that later. For today, I have selected pictures from the ones saved to show you:

- some pictures wandering along the streets of the center of Canela and Catedral de Pedra -stone cathedral- was constructed in the English Gothic style and is consecrated to our Lady of Lourdes. It is one of the 7 architectural wonders of Brazil
Castelinho Caracol, a charming wooden mansion built in the 20th century by a family of German descent and without a single nail
Mundo a vapor -steam world- is a museum and themed park with its façade imitating the Montparnasse derailment of 1895
Caracol state park and waterfall where you can relax, visit the ecological observatory, go for a barbecue, or discover trails and immerse yourself in nature
Museu do Automóvel, a private car collection of various makes and year models, is very much worth a stop. And if you are into vehicles, there is a museum of American old trucks -Museo do Caminhão- to check out!

Enjoy the photo selection and make sure to visit Canela when you are in Porto Alegre or Rio Grande do Sul. Happy exploring ✈️✈️✈️

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