When we were kids, one of our favorite toys was a kaleidoscope. What is that? The kaleidoscope is an optical instrument made of mirrors that reflect objects in a symmetrical pattern. The colors and the shapes amazed us and enticed our imagination.

This section simply represent a wide array of colors on cultural, traveling and fooding explorations.

Would you like to join me on my discoveries and sightings? Come along and enjoy the ride :)

Street Art - LB


This is a collection of graffiti and art spotted across various streets in Beirut and other Lebanese cities/neighborhoods.

Brain Foods - Berries


The end-of-year festivities are nearing at high speed and everyone around me seems tired. Irritated. Or simply overwhelmed.

It could be weather-related. Lack of good sleep. Or our exhausting, always-on-the-run lifestyle.

In this series started more than a year ago, I explore foods that are good for our brains.

Today, I'm looking into a favorite, berries!

Read on to find out more...

Apocalypse Never, Michael Shellenberger


ISBN: 978-0-063-00169-5

Harper Collins Publishers, June 2020

Warm Potato Salad


I am a potato lover. Couldn't be more normal for someone who embraced the German nationality more than 3 decades ago.

And when I grill German white sausages with herbs for my guests, a potato salad is on the menu.

Read on for the recipe!



German movie, released in 2021

Simple Apple Bread


Another simple bake.

You will enjoy preparing it and it's yummy!

Read on for the detailed recipe and some tips 😋

Mutual Aid, A Factor Of Evolution


By Pyotr Kropotkin - narrated by Peter Kenny

8 hours 24 min


Simple Yogurt Cake


This recipe might originally be French.

It is straight-forward in its making.

Read on for the details!

Inside Man


Netflix Mini Series - 4 episodes (October 2022)

Coconut "Failed" Dessert


I was trying to recreate my childhood favorite dessert that mom used to treat us with, no-bake coconut balls.

I failed miserably... and transformed the mixture into a cake by adding a few ingredients.

Read on to find out more!

The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran


ISBN: 987-0-394-4-04288

Knopf Double Day Publishing Group, 1923

Pan-Seared Salmon With Black Rice


I had to make space in my freezer and didn't feel like standing in the kitchen for long hours.

That's why I put up this dish together.

Read on for the recipe!