When we were kids, one of our favorite toys was a kaleidoscope. What is that? The kaleidoscope is an optical instrument made of mirrors that reflect objects in a symmetrical pattern. The colors and the shapes amazed us and enticed our imagination.

This section simply represent a wide array of colors on cultural, traveling and fooding explorations.

Would you like to join me on my discoveries and sightings? Come along and enjoy the ride :)

Refreshing Foods - Cucumber Yogurt Salad


The temperatures are on the rise.

How about a refreshing dish that I prepare with a twist?

Read on for the recipe details!

Superfoods - Blueberries


One of my favorite berries. Because I love many 😋😋

What makes blueberries a superfood?

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Conchiglioni With Ricotta And Spinach


One of my favorite dishes, because it includes Ricotta 😋😋

Although it can take some time to be ready, savoring it compensates quite well.

Read on for the recipe!

Nine Perfect Strangers


By Liane Moriarty - narrated by Caroline Lee

16 hours 23 minutes

Superfoods - Mushroom


Can mushrooms be considered a superfood?

What would you say?

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Released in 1997

Superfoods - Avocado


In this series, I explore some foods that are loaded with nutrients and other health benefits.

How is avocado a superfood?

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Off Menu, The Secret Science Of Food And Dining


By Nell McShane Wulfhart - narrated by Katie Schorr

5 hours 58 minutes

10-Min Tiramisu


Time for a popular dessert that takes literaly no time to be prepared.

Salivating already?

Read on for the details.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza


I finally got myself to make pizza with no flour.

It was easy to prepare.

For the recipe, click read more!

Vegetable Curry


I was given this recipe because I love curries.

You know by now that I rarely follow the steps as outlined when I cook.

The following is my concoction