Most of us quote René Descartes on his Cogito, ergo sum - I Think, therefore I am. So? What does it really mean and what am I referring to by using the term Cogito?

As per the Merriam Webster dictionary, Cogito represents the intellectual processes of the self.

Hence in this section, I include a first series on financial awareness by presenting complex concepts in a simple and accessible way. I additionally contemplate daily situations in "This And That". Curious enough to know more? Feel free to read and comment :)

Numb... And Very Much Awake


It's been a while since I published a personal note.

The Beirut port explosions on August 4, 2020 shocked us all.

Each one of us is processing the trauma their own way..

Zero Tolerance To Female Genital Mutilation


Today is the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation.

Introduced in 2003 and sponsored by the United Nations, this action aims at eliminating such practices.



I love books. They are my favorite companions.

And so it is very natural that I hoard them. And never on my dead body, would I give away my books!

it doesn't mean I don't share or gift them, no. I just enjoy touching, and smelling them. Eventually, I will read them. Or not. So what?

World Cancer Day


In our era, probably each one of us has already lost a friend or a family member to cancer.

World Cancer Day aims at raising awareness and thus preventing millions of deaths every year.

Vegetarian vs. Vegan


My cousins, who are animal lovers, changed their lifestyle / diets in their early twenties and adopted a vegan way of life since then.

I always wondered if it is healthy to completely avoid one type of nutrient...

Read on to find out more.

Palindrome Day


It has been several centuries since the last Palindrome Day happened...

And we get to witness it for ourselves. How grand is that?

National Freedom Day


A new month into 2020.

This year seems different... will it really be? And to what extent?

January 31. Sleep


Yesterday, I wrote about nutrition.

Tonight, I am thinking of sleep.

This is another health concern...


January 30. Nutrition


I'm so chaotic when it comes to my own nutrition.

It's not healthy. And I am already witnessing some health issues.

How shall I address this matter?

January 29. Quaintrelle


It's a Wednesday evening.

After a long day at work, I can't wait to be home.

I just want to sit and let my mind wander...

January 28. Stammtisch


Jetzt schreibe ich mal auf Deutsch.

Mal sehen, wie es raus kommen wird...

Bitte Verständnis dafür haben, dass ich schon sehr lange nichts auf Deutsch geschrieben habe :)

January 27. Friendship


As I start my week, I am simply grateful to all my friends, who are always supportive and just a phone call away.

I am truly blessed and thankful to each one of you!

January 26. The Black Mamba


It's a shock.

Kobe Bryant just passed away with his daughter Gianna.

What a loss...

January 25. Chinese New Year


It's time once more for celebrations that last a fortnight... not the game, the number of days!

January 24. Road Repairs


It's winter time. And it has been raining heavily in the past couple of days.

Our infrastructure lacks maintenance and proper outlines in general.

Here is what happened today...