Most of us quote René Descartes on his Cogito, ergo sum - I Think, therefore I am. So? What does it really mean and what am I referring to by using the term Cogito?

As per the Merriam Webster dictionary, Cogito represents the intellectual processes of the self.

Hence in this section, I include a first series on financial awareness by presenting complex concepts in a simple and accessible way. I additionally contemplate daily situations in "This And That". Starting January 2021, my FB campaign of “How Can I Help You” is now also published here and advertised on social media. Curious enough to know more? Feel free to read and comment :)

Welcome 2024!


The end of the 2023 cycle is near...

A few hours more to go...

Read on for my wishes 😁

On Vibration And Spiritual Growth...


Our bodies are bundles of energy.

It comes then as no surprise that frequencies and vibrations impact us.

Curious to find out more? Read on!

Cleansing And Charging Your Stones


After exploring which stones are associated with each of the 7 chakras,
let's find out how to cleanse and charge them.
Read on for more!

Chakras And Stones


Now that we have explored the 7 chakras and several stones and crystals,
it is time to combine the info and look into the best association.
Read on for more!

Kundalini Energy 101


What is Kundalini?

Does it have any benefits?

Is it dangerous?

How to make use of it?

Read on to find out!

Basics About The 7 Chakras


This month is all about popularizing gemstones, chakras, and balance.

The Advent Calendar revealed crystals and stones.

It's now time to discover the basics about the chakras in this post!

Gratitude. Despite All...


December 25 is a special date for our family.

We celebrate not only Christmas together but also Dad's birthday 🥰

And this year, it was also unique...

Advent Calendar Day 24: Sodalite


And so the adventure comes to an end.

This is the last window on this Advent Calendar.

Read on for more facts on the sodalite gemstone!

Advent Calendar Day 23: Pink Quartz


The day before last from the Advent Calendar for stones.

Again, it showed a pink or rose quartz, this time a rough-cut crystal.

Read on for more!

Advent Calendar Day 22: White Quartz


A week ago, a polished white quartz was behind the advent's window.

Today, it's a rough-cut crystal that was revealed.

Read on for more facts about this versatile gem!

Advent Calendar Day 21: Black Obsidian


A versatile gemstone that was first uncovered in my calendar on December 12.

It is prized by warriors and shamans alike and for good reason.

Read on to find out more!

Advent Calendar Day 20: Green Aventurine


A green aventurine stone is said to manifest winning energies for its bearer.

It is also so much more!

Read on to discover its magical and healing effects.

Advent Calendar Day 19: Citrine


Today's advent stone is a... Citrine! Once more 😁✨

On December 4, the disclosed gem was a rough-cut stone.

Hereafter, some more details about this special crystal!

Advent Calendar Day 18: Rose Quartz


Rose quartz has a faint pink hue and is associated with unconditional love.

It is believed to emit a strong vibration of joy and emotional healing.

Read on for more! 

Advent Calendar Day 17: White Quartz


This versatile gemstone appeared behind today's window in the advent calendar.

And it was a cabochon sample.

Read on for more details about this Capricorn birthstone...