Performances & Exhibits

Performances & Exhibits

Art and Culture touch me deeply. It can be a dancing performance, a live concert in the outdoors or simply a play.

The creative ways people express themselves while using their bodies is highly intriguing to my intellect.

This section encompasses various types of performances and exhibits, of which music takes a pig part. Simply because music being a higher language that transcends people in their beliefs, their gendre and belonging. Enjoy!

Beirut Chants - Opening Event


As I previously noted, I was very eager to attend the opening concert of the 12th edition of the Beirut Chants Festival.

And it was a real hit!

Read on to find out more :)

La Folie Rouge - 2013


La Folie Rouge - Playroom - 2013 edition

At The Old Train Station...


October 11, 2013. This was a graffiti exhibition at the old train station in Mar Mikhael.