This and That

This and That

Writing feels great as I enjoy sharing thoughts and perspectives with others.

This section is simply an amalgam of point of views on certain subjects on the spur of the moment.

Interested in reading about my ranting and opinions?  Feel free to browse the different articles and comment. I will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Welcome 2024!


The end of the 2023 cycle is near...

A few hours more to go...

Read on for my wishes 😁

Beirut, Always In My Heart


It's been three years since the Beirut port blast killed more than 200 people, injured several thousand, and caused damages that are still visible to date.

The images are still vivid in my head... as in the heads of many of my fellow citizens!

How could they not be?

Of Honor. Sacrifice. And Loyalty


On August 1, 2023, the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) turns 78

A young institution and yet so much more...

Read on for the short article!

Loki My Cat Is Turning One!


About a year ago, this adorable bundle of joy came into my life. He was a few weeks old, orphaned and found on the street by my friend’s mom who took him in.

Read on for his story!

Au Nom De La Liberté


Cela fait longtemps que je n'ai pas écrit en français. Vous me pardonnerez mes erreurs...

Cet article est un cri au nom de notre liberté d'expression.

Pour en savoir plus, lisez la suite!

Trauma... Processing


A year after the Beirut explosions.

The city and its people still experience a deep, deep trauma.

We keep attempting to process the severe anguish that plagues us all...

The 2020 Covid PLandemic, An Awakening Call?


Mass victimization and craze is taking place since the last quarter of 2019... and the new public enemy is Covid.

The whole hysteria got me to ask myself some questions and I recently decided to publish something on the case.

Hereafter, are my 2 cents on the topic.

Numb... And Very Much Awake


It's been a while since I published a personal note.

The Beirut port explosions on August 4, 2020 shocked us all.

Each one of us is processing the trauma in our own way.

Bye Bye 2019... 2020, I'm Ready!


Final thoughts as I peacefully spend the last evening of this tumultuous year reflecting and introspecting.

Of Writing, Shackles and Human Magic...


Last year, on November 22, while heading to the airport, I felt the urge to write. Check my rant here.

I remember having mixed feelings: on the one hand, I was happy to go away from the organized chaos to take a breath of refreshing air, all the while wanting to celebrate Independence day in my country of birth...

This year felt totally different. And somehow I couldn't write about it. It was another event that triggered me. Read on to find out more :)

I Am Spartacus!



This is not a review of the movie starring Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons, and Tony Curtis.

It's about this secret fiber in my heart, itching to speak out loud. On the feelings I am experiencing and the uprise that got me closer to a people I previously felt little to no connection to...

In The Eye Of The Storm


More than 13 days into the Lebanese people's uprise, many things have happened.

Nothing too surprising so far.

Let's have a recap and sort of quick analysis of the facts.

Of Hope In Times of Destruction


Hardship. Perseverance. Resilience.

This is what the Lebanese people are facing daily...

Today's events are living proof. Read more to find out how.

From Ashes and the Phoenix


This "rant" is not about mythology. Maybe it should have been. It is not.

It is actually something I started writing more than a week ago and have been continuously updating since.

Read more to find out what I have been brooding about for the past 10 days or so...

Stop Sexual Harassment


I cannot keep my mouth shut when any weaker or so thought creature is assaulted. My friend, an accomplished mountaineer who can in no way be considered weak, has been molested earlier this year. What happened to her ain’t right, and requires to be spoken of to fight it! So many women still have to face the ordeal of sexual harassment. My friend's incident got me really upset and in between calls and messages, I killed time by researching a bit to find out what the laws in Lebanon regarding this matter looked like. I was disgusted. And I started writing...