Books are best friends to me. They each speak their language and convey their own message. Whereas plays and films, while being considered part of what we call cultural events, provide a certain perspective on things and leash our imagination in channeling it into one or multiple directions.

You guessed right: my preference goes to books, in audio or readable format and I have to admit paper books provide me with an unmatched journey of the olfactory and touching senses...

I will be sharing under the different subcategories here my numerous experiences listening to and reading books, watching movies and attending plays / cultural events.

Beirut Chants - Opening Event


As I previously noted, I was very eager to attend the opening concert of the 12th edition of the Beirut Chants Festival.

And it was a real hit!

Read on to find out more :)



Season 1 to 3 (2015-2017)

La Folie Rouge - 2013


La Folie Rouge - Playroom - 2013 edition

The White Masai, Corinne Hoffman


ISBN 978-1905147083

Arcadia Books Ltd, new edition, September 2007


Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson


ISBN 978-1451648539

Simon & Schuster, October 2011

Kadicha, Alexandre Najjar


ISBN 978-2259210836

PLON, October 2011

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK


By Mark Manson - narrated by Roger Wayne

5 hours 17 minutes

At The Old Train Station...


October 11, 2013. This was a graffiti exhibition at the old train station in Mar Mikhael.