The Untethered Soul

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

As an ambivert who recharges her batteries on her own, inner exploration is something I have been automatically and generally unconsciously resorting to for decades. I often take time to introspect and check where my soul and mind are at. It is important for me to keep a healthy balance between my mind, which wants to complete puzzles and solve problems in a... "bohemian" way, and my heart, which is even more wild and passionate. And so coming across this book, "The Untethered Soul", a while ago, I was intrigued. First published in 2007, it remains an interesting read. My intellectual curiosity was indeed piqued, even if I don't rely on such writings to guide my ways of dealing with life. I believe we each have our own path to discover on our own terms. So I learn, adapt to my mind and heart, and relish 😁

The author, Michael Alan Singer, was a software developer previously. He then evolved to become a known writer in the field of spirituality and New Age philosophies. This book is his third and also a bestseller. It is divided into 5 parts: awakening consciousness, experiencing energy, freeing yourself, going beyond, and living life. The speech is far from being pedantic, as is the case with a lot of self-help books. Even for a versed contemplative mind, reaching inner peace and serenity is not easy. And no one can tell you what could work for you or not. It is on each one of us to probe our emotions, thoughts, and memories to unleash our consciousness. According to the writer, this is how one can reach a more balanced energy and hence happiness. Maybe. We all have demons to face. And we all struggle to let go. Will you, after reading this?

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