The Foodie's Corner

The Foodie's Corner

When I met my best friend some 23 years ago, I was someone who didn't like food much. I am grateful that our friendship introduced me to the joys of the palate and that I recently became a person who loves experimenting in her kitchen and exploring new flavors and dishes. Yup. That's my culinary metamorphosis...

This section will expose a zest of my creativity in regards to my not so "by-the-book" mixes of various foods. I herewith invite you to embark with me on a culinary journey that might not be the most daring but surely a very colorful one :)

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Lessons I Learned From My Blind Chef


This a new series with the Blind Chef, Pierre's mom.

Read on and discover :)

A Dash of Italy... in Mazraat Yahouch


I haven't written food reviews in a while, partly because we have been quarantined a lot since the beginning of 2020 and partly because I didn't find any excitement in discovering a new place.

Read on about this unique setting that will transport you to Italy in a breeze.

How Can School Ruin Your Nutrition


We usually learn better or more evolved ways at school.

Read on to find out how the Healthy Foodie's nutrition was negatively impacted at school.

And what he did to get back on track.

The Blind Chef's High Protein's Omelette


From time to time, Pierre, the Healthy Foodie, shares with us some of his favorite recipes.

This one is his mom's, the Blind Chef.

Read on to find out more!

Brain Friendly Foods


2020 has been a challenging year on most of us, if not all.

Mental health has hence been quite arduous to maintain.

Read on about the Healthy Foodie recommendations to improve brain activity.

Sugar & Spice... And All That's Nice


According to Karen Salmansohn, "Sugar is the sociopath of food. It acts sweet... but it's really poison".

What does our Healthy Foodie has to say about that?

Read on to find out!

About Cereals...


We grew up thinking that cereals were a healthy breakfast.

In fact, not so much!

Read on to find out more...

Beware The Hidden Sugar Trap


Many times, when we buy or consume food, we are not really aware of the ingredients.

Sometimes, it is due to complex wording and sometimes, the terms used are meant to mislead us.

How to make the proper distinctions when reading a label or asking about the elements in our meal?

Read on to know more as exposed by your Healthy Foodie :) 

The Vegetarian Lifestyle


After a long pause, the Healthy Foodie is back.

Read on to find out more on the vegetarian lifestyle.

The Gluten Free Diet


Number four in the series, this article sheds some light on gluten and the intolerance associated to it and what to do when you suffer from it.

The Lactose Free Diet


This is the third post of this series after the Low cholesterol lifestyle and the Keto diet.

This post is helpful to lactose intolerant individuals.

If you want to find out more, read on!


Keto. Or Not Keto?


As divulged in the previous article, this post will tackle the Ketogenic diet, which is very much en vogue in the more recent years.

Is it a journey you would want to take on?

Read on and find out if this is a lifestyle you want to adopt or a diet you want to undergo for a limited time. Or not ...

Low Cholesterol Lifestyle


In our modern times, we move less and consume a lot of fatty, unhealthy foods.

This article will be the first one in a series tackling extreme lifestyles such as vegan, gluten free, lactose free, keto, paleo and low cholesterol, to name a few.

Read on to find out more :)

What To Avoid When Eating Out


It is not always easy to make healthy choices when dining/eating out.

In this article, the Healthy Foodie walks you through what you can avoid to remain healthy and enjoy your food outing.

Read on!

Hacks For Losing Fat


This is about additional tips in order to reach your set results.

Read more to find out what the details are.