The Foodie's Corner

The Foodie's Corner

When I met my best friend some 25 years ago, I was someone who didn't like food much. I am grateful that our friendship introduced me to the joys of the palate and that I recently became a person who loves experimenting in her kitchen and exploring new flavors and dishes. Yup. That's my culinary metamorphosis...

This section will expose a zest of my creativity in regards to my not so "by-the-book" mixes of various foods. I herewith invite you to embark with me on a culinary journey, what I concoct is mostly simple and tasty hihi. It that might not be the most daring way to mix things together but it surely is a very colorful one :) I also share with you food health tips, because as Hippocrates expressed it a long time ago: "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food".

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Brain Foods - Berries


The end-of-year festivities are nearing at high speed and everyone around me seems tired. Irritated. Or simply overwhelmed.

It could be weather-related. Lack of good sleep. Or our exhausting, always-on-the-run lifestyle.

In this series started more than a year ago, I explore foods that are good for our brains.

Today, I'm looking into a favorite, berries!

Read on to find out more...

Warm Potato Salad


I am a potato lover. Couldn't be more normal for someone who embraced the German nationality more than 3 decades ago.

And when I grill German white sausages with herbs for my guests, a potato salad is on the menu.

Read on for the recipe!

Simple Apple Bread


Another simple bake.

You will enjoy preparing it and it's yummy!

Read on for the detailed recipe and some tips 😋

Simple Yogurt Cake


This recipe might originally be French.

It is straight-forward in its making.

Read on for the details!

Coconut "Failed" Dessert


I was trying to recreate my childhood favorite dessert that mom used to treat us with, no-bake coconut balls.

I failed miserably... and transformed the mixture into a cake by adding a few ingredients.

Read on to find out more!

Pan-Seared Salmon With Black Rice


I had to make space in my freezer and didn't feel like standing in the kitchen for long hours.

That's why I put up this dish together.

Read on for the recipe!

Quickly Made Welcome Drink


Having impromptu guests coming over?

This welcome drink is yummy and requires only 2 ingredients!

Read on for the recipe

Mini Choco Cups


I like my guests to have a memorable experience when they visit my home.

So, since most people love chocolate, these mini cups are great to serve liqueur, Irish cream, or some chantilly in them.

And, the cups are edible!

Read on for how to make these quick and tasteful bites.

Fresh Fish Dinner


I do not like seafood. Except for Salmon and King Prawns...

But when my friend had a really good deep sea catch and invited us over, I went to taste it. And we loved it!

Read on for the recipes!

Refreshing Foods - Scrumptious Fruit Salad


It is the end of the summer, and the relatively high temperatures call for some freshness.

Read on to see how I make my fruit salad.

Feel free to get creative and let me kow how yours turned out!

Spinach And White Cheese Turnover


This hearty and healthy dish sounds complicated to make but it is a simple one.

Follow the instructions in the post and let me know how your baking turned out!

Sesame Breaded Feta With Honey


I often browse for easy cooking recipes. And sometimes my close friends share some with me.

This was a nice discovery and a delicious treat.

If you want to know how to make it, read on for the recipe!

Simple Apple Cake


This is an easy to make yummy dessert.

You only need a few ingredients.

Read on for the full recipe!

Strawberry White Chocolate Chips Cookies


Another strawberry recipe that you are going to love!

I discovered this last week and had to try it and the result did not disappoint one bit.

Read on for the details.

Tiramisu.. With A Twist


Combining my love of Tiramisu and strawberries.

The result was apparently quite tasty since everyone had a second serving

Read on for the recipe!