I will probably publish more under this category than other ones, since books have been my favorite companions ever since I was a child. To the extent that I love them as much as if they were members of my family :)

Whatever I might say about books will still not exactly reflect the way I feel towards them. Every single one. The ones I have read decades ago or the ones I recently acquired and havent read yet.

Reading opens up horizons and entices the brain to step it up to other levels of thought, reasoning or simply entertainment. Because one simply cannot know it all. I firmly believe that we need to constantly keep learning in order for our brains to keep feeling alive...



I love books. They are my favorite companions.

And so it is very natural that I hoard them. And never on my dead body, would I give away my books!

it doesn't mean I don't share or gift them, no. I just enjoy touching, and smelling them. Eventually, I will read them. Or not. So what?

The White Masai, Corinne Hoffman


ISBN 978-1905147083

Arcadia Books Ltd, new edition, September 2007


Kadicha, Alexandre Najjar


ISBN 978-2259210836

PLON, October 2011

Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson


ISBN 978-1451648539

Simon & Schuster, October 2011