This section englobes point of views and perspectives on certain topics.

Currently, the "Financial Awareness 101" section aims at portraying financial operations in a simple way while providing some tips and tricks.

Writing makes me feel balanced. That is how "This and That" saw the light as it represents a collection of thoughts in a specific context.

Sugar & Spice... And All That's Nice


According to Karen Salmansohn, "Sugar is the sociopath of food. It acts sweet... but it's really poison".

What does our Healthy Foodie has to say about that?

Read on to find out!

Article 4: How To Choose Your Next Bank in 5 Easy Steps


Still rolling your eyes? By now, you should have ditched that habit when reading my statements…

Unfortunately, a lot of people pay too many (high) fees on the maintenance of their accounts and do not benefit properly from the large array of possibilities available to them.

I am herewith giving you my insights on the possibilities available on the Lebanese market.

Article 3: Bank Account Types


Modern times banking is not only about savings anymore. Banks are offering a multitude of products and also bank accounts. One could get easily confused and wonder, how many bank account types are there?

Let's check these out and understand what are the differences between these account types.


Article 1: Opening A Bank Account


I can see several ones of you rolling their eyes already.

Come on, MC! What does it take to open a bank account?

Well, unfortunately, it does take some knowledge if you want things to go smoothly.

This article refers to other articles. Enjoy!

Article 2: International Banking Regulations 101


FATCA who?.. KYC what?? .. MC, would you mind speaking in something else than gibberish please?

Fair enough. Let’s delve into the world of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and modern days banking regulations.

Manage Your Corporate Budget


You are a startup or a young business and you are worried that some of your customers might default in their payments?

Or maybe you are concerned that you wouldn’t be able to build up on an opportunity because you don’t have enough cash flow?

Here are 9 tips for you.