Advent Calendar Day 18: Rose Quartz

Monday, December 18, 2023

December 18: when you have love on your mind, the crystal that you will probably resort to is rose quartz. According to one tale, Cupid, the Roman god of desire and affection, gave Earth rose quartz as a present of love, passion, and happiness for all. The Greek legend is more tragic: Ares, the god of war, aimed to kill Adonis, Aphrodite's lover, when a boar stepped into the scene. Trying to protect Adonis, Aphrodite cut herself, and her blood stained a quartz crystal giving it its hue. This gemstone was also used by Ancient Egyptians and the Assyrians. Rose quartz honors the Phoenician goddess of Fertility, Love, and War, Astarte ✨

Rose quartz is said to promote the release of tension and stress. By eliminating emotional wounds, fears, and resentment, this powerful crystal directly connects to the Heart chakra. It balances the yin-yang energy and harmonizes all other chakras too. It is sometimes even used to stimulate sensual imagination 😈. With this stone, healers treat vertigo, and lung problems, stabilize irregular heart rhythm, clear the skin, and reduce wrinkles. Wearing rose quartz as a bracelet, a necklace, or earrings reminds one to live in a state of love because when you radiate with the energy of love, you receive it back ⚡️

This healing gem is not a traditional birthstone. It is however linked to the Zodiac sign of Taurus ♉️. It is also claimed to be the perfect love jewel for the signs of Leo ♌️, Scorpio ♏️, and Sagittarius ♐️. It helps them maintain good relationships, be compassionate, and let go of past hurt. Rose quartz, as a stone of Venus, symbolizes the integration between the spiritual and the physical realms. It fosters personal growth with mental clarity and inner peace. Some people even place it under their pillow to help ease sleep disturbances and prevent nightmares. In general, rose quartz is associated with the Divine Feminine and the Moon, and also with universal healing because it is believed to emit a gentle, nurturing, and comforting vibration ✨

Curious about tomorrow's stone already? Let's discover it together by then!

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