Cleansing And Charging Your Stones

Friday, December 29, 2023

Link to Crystals cleanse pic here


Generally speaking, a lukewarm water bath with some salt can give your crystals/gems a good cleanse. You can opt for a running water purification, or you can bury them in the ground with their points down. Another method is to expose the stones to the moonlight overnight, especially on a full moon night. If you want to place them under the sunlight, make sure that time is limited to avoid the stone's discoloration. Some people use a sage or lavender smudge to clear their gemstones. Others resort to sounds and frequencies. In the next post, I will look into the latter more closely.

It is important to keep focused while performing the cleanse. Ideally, look for a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed and let yourself relax. Attempt to remain joyful when visualizing the energy flow. Your intent need not be stressfully concentrated. Just calm. Keep in mind that when clearing your crystals, tap water is not recommended as it usually has additives. Go for spring water or ocean/sea-water. Hold your stone under the water and rub it gently as if you were cleaning some dirt off of it for about 25 seconds. Then let the water flow freely over it until you sense that it has been energetically cleansed. Then you can let it dry in the sun to recharge. Some stones such as Malachite cannot be cleaned with water, due to their molecular structure. To avoid damaging the stones with water or salt, you can place them on a larger rough-cut Selenite crystal or a Carnelian. If you do not have access to spring or ocean/sea water, add salt to your tap water and leave the stone bathing in it for a day in the sunshine or a night in the moonlight.

Another cleansing method is to lie your crystal on a bed of sea or mineral salt in a bowl or plate. No water or other liquid is needed. Many healers and shamans resort to salt in healing ceremonies because they believe it deflects harmful energies. Salt can damage the surface of some softer stones, so do not use it without making sure it is an appropriate way for your gemstone. You can up this act a notch by adding sage, rosemary, or thyme to the salt used for the cleanse. The intention with which you clean and use your stones creates a personal bond with them. That's how you can alternatively make use of a tuning fork, a Tibetan singing bowl, or even a small gong to restore the original natural vibration of the stone. Additionally, when passing your gemstones through incense, make sure they remain away from the source of the smoke to avoid cracks with the temperature change.

Now that the stones have been cleansed, charging them with your intent is necessary. As previously mentioned, sunlight is used for some, moonlight for others. You can perform a frequency sweep to reset your stone by using a white noise signal. Some people play certain frequencies for their stones, depending on the chakra they are associated with: the Root Chakra crystal cleansing sound is done at the frequency of 256 Hz, the Sacral Chakra crystal cleansing sound at 288 Hz, the Solar Plexus Chakra crystal cleansing at 320 Hz, the Heart Chakra crystal cleansing at 341.3 Hz, the Throat Chakra crystal cleansing at 384 Hz, the Third Eye Chakra crystal cleaning at 426.7 Hz, and the Crown Chakra crystal cleaning at 480 Hz.

In tomorrow's post, I will be delving into frequencies and our bodies. Stay tuned!

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