On Vibration And Spiritual Growth...

Saturday, December 30, 2023

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Our body is composed of particles that are in constant motion. This means that, like everything else in the universe, our bodies are vibrating and producing energy. Some scientific research already points to the fact that electric and magnetic energies in our bodies impact them by stimulating or stifling chemical processes. This might sound spiritual but these energies do influence our physical and mental health. In fact, heartbeats and circadian rhythms are larger-scale vibrations that we have learned to measure. And there are vibrations generated by our cells at a nano-scale. These vibrations, which are specific to each molecule, emit electromagnetic energy waves. This explains how thoughts impact the vibrations in our bodies. For example, when you feel anxious, the release of stress hormones in your bloodstream could stimulate your heart to pump faster or maybe to slow down. To extrapolate to our souls, beyond our bodies, when frequencies and vibrations can affect the physical and mental part of us, what is stopping them from having repercussions on the spiritual part of our being? It is known that high-level emotions can positively alter moods, improve physical health, and promote a vibrational state of consciousness. 

When we resort to energy tools, we can create a resonance in our bodies to promote cellular healing and amplify spiritual awareness. This state of higher vibration induces an easier flow of energy inside the body. As such, we can experience enhanced mindfulness, augmented intuition, divine inspiration, cellular rejuvenation, and our 7 chakras are open! The body is then naturally able to restore its balance and be in harmony at a deep energetic level. Ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians and the Tibetans, already recognized the power of healing sounds and employed them in spiritual practices. Modern science is trying to understand the mechanisms behind the transformative effects on body vibrations.

There are techniques to practice body vibrations:
- grounding to open the Root Chakra by connecting to the energies of Earth
- meditation to bring calm in times of stress and worry
- releasing limiting beliefs to free our subconscious
- consume high-vibrational foods
- use passive methods to tune into your vibration such as tuning forks, singing bowls, and spiritual music sounds.

As an end note, it is important to keep in mind that body vibration is not limited to a physical experience or limited to a specific religious system/belief. Anyone can incorporate it into their spiritual practice. It is not a quick fix but harnessing that power can lead to self-discovery and an intensified connection to the universe. What are you waiting for?

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