About MC

Hey! My journey started with me departing to Munich as a teenager who spoke no word of German some three decades ago. Hmm that is a long time ago... Venturing into the unknown had already been lurking in my mind for some time and the thirst for adventures and new discoveries would have always been enticing to me. But I digress.

Returning to Lebanon to go to university led me to political sciences, which is quite far from architecture and the studies I had had in mind. Professionally, I then explored more than one field, most of which I had no idea about and hence I was able to be involved in many enriching experiences in several fields and different countries and continents. 

All of this seriousness needed to be balanced in my personal life, in which I thrive to discover new peoples and cultures, try out new restaurants and foods, read, listen to music or pick on my mind recently with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). So if you would like to be transported into my personal world, hop along! It's gonna be a fun ride :)

What I do this for

Words and minds fascinate me. Reading and/or listening has always created imageries in my mind. The purpose of my website is to share with you my interests that revolve around my visions, perspectives, and encounters. I hope they enrich yours as much as they give me pleasure.

I would like to thank @bully_the_bull aka Germain Abi Khalil for the cartoon of me and Karen, my sister-in-law, who retouched some details in it.

I also thank all my friends who patiently assisted in the editing of several articles. I love you all! Special thoughts to Abdullah, Yara, Terry, Ray, and Nina Rosa: I really appreciate your constructive criticism and look forward to having you read me more :)


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