Gratitude. Despite All...


December 25 is a special date for our family.

We celebrate not only Christmas together but also Dad's birthday 🥰

And this year, it was also unique...

Defying Jihad


By Esther Ahmad & Craig Borlase - narrated by Julia Farhat

8 hours 49 min

Day 365 of Year 3


Tonight, on the third year and 365th day, I write the last post of the How Can I Help You campaign… The past 3 years have made this project evolve. I’m quite proud of what it has become. And also grateful for all the feedback I received.

Because life has always been a good teacher to me, and sometimes quite a tough one, it is time to close this chapter, which was rewarding in so many aspects, and to try something new...

Day 353 of Year 3


A new working week has started. And with it plenty of new opportunities await 😁

Day 321 of Year 3


Perspective. What an important concept…

Day 320 of Year 3


The only way I wish to experience life is without containing my true self. That’s how I pursue my quest of being free…

Day 301 of Year 3


Faith is knowing that no matter what lies ahead, God is already there 🙂

Day 272 of Year 3


In times of difficulties, I remember what my grandmother used to tell me: May you be watched over and protected by the Archangels, today and every day to come!

Day 261 of Year 3


After a very long day, I’m satisfied and finally able to chill…

Day 234 of Year 3


The situation in Lebanon is currently terrible. And because it is, I can’t help but see better times coming 🤷🏻‍♀️

Day 226 of Year 3


In view of the current difficult times in Lebanon, I would like to reiterate that faith gives us strength. Grace gives us power. And hope gives us anchor 🙏🏻

Day 225 of Year 3


Frustration, complication and misery are available in abundance. And so is God’s grace…

Day 180 of Year 3


Whenever I ache, I look up. And I cannot but smile.. as my grandma used to tell me, dump your weakness on God, and He will give you His strength!