Day 236 of Year 3


As my friend and I discuss the global unrest, among other topics, some thoughts cross my mind. And I start reading…

Day 213 of Year 3


August 1 is Lebanon’s Army day. It’s a reminder that there is nothing we should take for granted; not a single day, not a single minute…

Day 150 of Year 3


Freedom. That’s being yourself. Without permission…

Day 147 of Year 3


Once in a blue moon, we get to witness a blood (red) moon… 

Day 139 of Year 3


Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is - German proverb

Day 107 of Year 3


Freedom... the oxygen of the soul...

Day 17 of Year 3


Freedom is the power to choose our own chains...

I Am Spartacus!



This is not a review of the movie starring Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons, and Tony Curtis.

It's about this secret fiber in my heart, itching to speak out loud. On the feelings I am experiencing and the uprise that got me closer to a people I previously felt little to no connection to...

Of Hope In Times of Destruction


Hardship. Perseverance. Resilience.

This is what the Lebanese people are facing daily...

Today's events are living proof. Read more to find out how.



The Lebanon we grew up learning about has always prided itself to be a country of freedom in the Middle East.

The recent events around the upcoming concert taking place on August 9, 2019, at the Byblos International Festival of Mashrou' Leila (Project Leila, for the non-Arabic speakers), a Lebanese indie rock band, are becoming beyond ludicrous.

Here are my 2-cents worth...