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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

I am sure many of us, if not all, have already experienced static electricity, either by sensing or seeing a spark on a touched object or by hearing a cracking sound. You also probably know what makes this happen. Have you stopped and let your mind wander a little further on this subject? A few weeks ago, I had an agitated sleep and was tossing around in my bed. At some point, for a fraction of a second, a white ray of energy was visible to my eyes. I was pushing the duvet away when this happened. I wasn't sure whether that was a lucid dream or me imaging things from the myriad of thoughts bouncing around in my head 🤷🏻‍♀️ My foot looked normal, but it was extremely cold, as it often is the case in winter. The duvet was not harmed in the process. Pfff. Glad I didn't turn into a mutant or something 🤪 Now, I was very much awake, wondering what had happened. A lot of questions rushed through my mind. But it was still the crack of dawn. Everything was -almost- silent. And so I finally decided to rest and let that small event go. I couldn't change anything about it and it was all probably due to friction and my body and the objects around me being charged. Before sleeping that night, my day had been emotional. I had been listening to friends to help them, fixing work issues at the office, and finally, making sure my beautiful cat Loki wasn't harmed by the bigger street cats of the neighborhood. A lot of energy had been consequently exchanged back and forth.

We are energetic beings and we vibe at a certain frequency. This possibly changes the color of our aura too. It influences our moods, our immunity, and thus our well-being. A perfect way to experience this exchange of energy is to walk barefoot on the sand, on soil, or even grass. Our plantar fascia is covered by a layer of skin that is greatly sensitive. Especially, since we have been hiding it away in shoes for centuries now. We have unfortunately unlearned the methods and means of our ancestors who used to live in symbiosis with their environment and mother Nature. In our "modern" mind, grounding and/or hugging a tree looks ridiculous when in fact it lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and helps recover from trauma. Mother Nature is the empath by excellence! It feeds on our carbon dioxide to transform it into pure oxygen for us. Nature can further diminish physical and mental pain and increase our happy state of mind. Remember to ground or earth yourself at the first rays of sunlight, not during the day or by evening hour as your mind will become clearer within a few moments only. And you will enjoy the chirping of the birds in a blissful time in peace. This is essential in our busy city lives, surrounded by all the light, noise, and environmental pollution that drains our energies and scales down our frequencies. It is no wonder then, that a lot of us do not breathe right, have mediocre levels of oxygen in our cells, and frequently feel edgy...

Some quotes about vibration, energy, and aura:

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration - Nikola Tesla

Everything is energy, and that is all there is to it - Albert Einstein

Love is the highest vibration and highest state of consciousness in the Universe. By tuning in to this vibrational frequency, we are aligning ourselves with its very essence. Divine source energy - Unknown author

How you vibrate is what the universe echoes back to you in every moment - Panache

Your energy system, your aura, is unique and is a perfect filter to bring to you the specific experience to support your life purpose - Rhys Thomas

I have noticed that an aura flows out not only from angels and spirits but also from absolutely everything you see in this world - Emanuel Swedenborg

Earth is a school for mastering how to manipulate energy - Dolores Cannon

We all need an energy cleansing every now and then. This requires some discipline if you wish to do it on your own. A lot of us would consult a specialist to make sure the cathartic occurrence is conducted the way it should be and is heading in the right direction in the least time possible. After I went to several hypnotherapy breathing sessions with a doctor, my aura started finally to reflect a bluer shade, which meant that my vibes are again at a high frequency and short wavelengths on the spectrum and my chakra blockages at the heart and crown levels were finally released. The more our electromagnetic spectrum is expanded, the more we will sense acceptance, love, joy, and of course, peace. When our frequencies are more contracted, we are in imbalance, we feel irritated at trivial issues and soak in fear, grief, anger, and shame. Vibrating in the lower spectrum, i.e. at a longer wavelength, hinders us from reaching higher levels of consciousness, which are simply a wider perspective of reality and of knowing. So to break your shackles, be free, and acquire more power, one solution is to tune in to the harmonic frequency of Earth. You won't but receive more opportunities to create the reality you aspire to...

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I chose it by chance and read it. I love how you have put things together. I can but strongly agree with you..

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