Munich, Love Of My Heart


There is much more to Munich and Bavaria than the Oktoberfest or football.

Join me in this post to find out more about this vibrant city and I'll also take you towards the south, on a short exploration trip of a day.

Ready? Hop along!

Salvador, Capital City Of Bahia


This will be the last post in this Brazilian series.

Join me in discovering the amazing spots and adventures that await you in Salvador.

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Rio de Janeiro, Cidade Maravilhosa...


On my different trips, I obviously visited Rio de Janeiro. More than once.

While it is not my favorite spot in Brazil, the city has a lot to offer.

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Curitiba, Another Stop On My Brazilian Tour


When one says Curitiba, Brazil, our mind immediately goes to the Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

But the city is brim of things to do and explore.

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En Route For The Dubai Of Brazil


My Santa Catarina state tour wouldn't have been complete if I hadn't made a stop at Balneário Camboriú.

So here I am making good use of the night I spent there.

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Santa Catarina, Brazil


The state of Santa Catarina in Brazil offers a lot, from beaches to wilderness, and all in a very European flare.

In this post, I will share pictures of the Italian and Germanic tours I took over a few days.

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Nova Petropolis And Bento Gonçalves


Another historic town that I had to visit... and it led me to other explorations.

Read on to find out why.

And how I discovered a unique tour that I enjoyed a lot too!

Off To Canela To... Recharge


Based in Gramado for a week, Canela was just a short drive away.

This pretty little town was also an interesting exploration on its own.

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Let's Drive Up To... Gramado!


Eager to leave the heat at the shores, I couldn't drive fast enough to Gramado, where I would stay for several days to explore the city and its neighboring attractions.

This small tourist town has a lot to offer and is one of the 13 municipalities on the Romantic Route that runs through the Serra Gaucha region.

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Porto Alegre, A City Mosaic Of Old And New


Heading south to explore several cities, I stopped in Porto Alegre for the day.

The city charmed my artistic senses. However, I don't think I would revisit it.

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Cunha, A Historic And Blessed City


Perched on top of the Paraíba Valley, Cunha is a charming city in between the states of São Paulo and Rio.

Whether you are just passing through or heading there for a few days, this town has a lot to offer!

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Guaratinguetá. Visit For A Weekend


My 4th trip to Brazil started with a laidback weekend, far from the hectic rhythm of the cities and my list of explorations.

Guaratinguetá is a charming village, where one can rest, body and soul.

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São Vicente, Brazil's Cellula Mater


São Vicente is the first permanent settlement in Brazil.

It is still a small city by the sea and has a lot of history and culture to offer.

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São Paulo. A State. And A City...


As mentioned in my previous post, I always touch base in São Paulo when I am headed to Brazil.

This article will paint a glimpse of the parts of the city and state that I have been to so far.

When you are ready for the kaleidoscope, read on!

Brazil... Relaxing And Always Enriching


When you say Brazil, most people immediately think of football. Which is indeed a big thing there! But the sub-continent is so much more than just that!
It is paradisiac beaches, coffee, fashion, music and culture, various industries, and so much more!
In this series, I will post pictures of my trips there. Because I have been visiting the different regions since 2005 and there are still so many others to explore ✈️