Day 360 of Year 3


Open your soul to silence. To hear it speak and explore new possibilities …

Day 350 of Year 3


We just spent a great evening laughing.

And yes, laughter is the best therapy there is!

It boosts immunity and keeps the spirits high…

Let’s laugh some more 😁

Day 345 of Year 3


We are spiritual beings in human form. Sometimes, we simply crave to connect with a soul who feels like home…

Day 332 of Year 3


I happen to know my limits. I just choose to constantly try to exceed them 😜 because flying high never prevented my soul from remaining connected to my roots 😁

Day 313 of Year 3


I often wonder whether it’s possible to get 7 hours of sleep in only 3…

Day 311 of Year 3


Eyes are pure mirrors of the strength of one’s soul …

Day 307 of Year 3


The random musical selection for today inspired this post.

Some people hurt by words, some by actions, and some by silence. And we are hurt the most by that someone, ignoring us when we value them a lot…

Day 266 of Year 3


Celebrating the autumn equinox

Day 265 of Year 3


It is said that Art is freedom… it’s being able to bend things most people see as a straight line

Day 255 of Year 3


Ever since I’m a little girl, my soul rejoices at the earth smell after the first rain…

Day 220 of Year 3


With the wildfires raging in many countries while unseen cold fronts are hitting other locations, our thoughts go out to the afflicted people. Because we know that Nature is also part of our soul…

Day 212 of Year 3


Lately, I have been sensing edginess around me. I hence decided to connect with nature more, to keep my batteries charged 🙂