Day 238 of Year 3


Music has always spoken to my soul, regardless of my mental state. That’s why you will often see my feet tapping whenever I like a tune 😜

Day 229 of Year 3


When everything around me seems to crumble, I focus on beauty and I smile again 🙂

Day 144 of Year 3


I crashed last night and couldn’t write. Here comes a morning post that I hope you enjoy ?

Day 145 of Year 3


Many times, life tosses us around and it can be tough to weather the storm. Keeping hopeful is awaiting the coming rainbow ?

Day 71 of Year 3


Every day holds the possibility of a miracle

Day 52 of Year 3


As I watch today's colorful sunset, I am in awe at God's perfect creation. How artistic can Nature simply be!

Day 48 of Year 3


I barely slept, enjoying the sound of thunder and the rain...

Day 46 of Year 3


A new week has started.

What lies ahead?

Do we really need to know?

Day 45 of Year 3


Aloe you vera much!

Ok ok, it is a well intended pun. Mea culpa

Read on for today's quotes on Valentine's day

Day 6 of Year 3


When I came across this picture, I had to pause.

How many things around us are simply enchanting and we just rush on and take them for granted?