Loki My Cat Is Turning One!


About a year ago, this adorable bundle of joy came into my life. He was a few weeks old, orphaned and found on the street by my friend’s mom who took him in.

Read on for his story!

Growing Your Gold Crest Shrub


I planted this shrub about 2 months ago.

I hope it's not going to die on me...

Read on for tips to grow your Gold Crest shrub

Caterpillars, Pros And Cons


A few weeks ago, I wrote about butterflies 🦋 

Then, a few days ago, I spotted a caterpillar on my favorite plant 😱

What to do?!

Caring For Your Hydrangea Shrub


Hydrangeas remind me of my tayta. That's grandma in Lebanese. She used to have so many of them, in various barrels and planters and different colors.

Are you planning on adding that shrub to your garden?

Read on for tips on how to care for it and more!

Centipedes... Good guys?


What are centipedes?

What is their natural habitat?

What do we do when spotting one or more in or around our homes?

Do they bite?

Are they poisonous?

Many questions that you can have answers to when reading this post.

Gardenia And Its Benefits


Gardenias are evergreen trees and many species exude a solid and beautiful scent.

What other benefits do they provide?

Read on to find out more!

Are Butterflies Pests Or Blessings?


I have been noticing more butterflies in my garden recently.

Are they to be considered pests or blessings?

Read on to find out more!

Digger Wasps In Your Soil


What are digger wasps?

Do they sting?

Are they harmful?

How do we control them? And is it a necessary action to take?

Read on to find out more.



In the last part of this series on the classic ancient elements, I look into Aether, or Light of God.

Want to find out more?

Read on!

Earth, All Encompassing Element


The fourth element. Earth.

This post reflects on this major classic element.

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Air, Mind And Soul Symbol


In the third week of the Terra Mater section, today's contemplation is about Air.

One of the elements that the human eye cannot see, yet we cannot live without.

Read on to find out more!

Water, Essential Element


With this post, I am kickstarting the Terra Mater section.

I hope you enjoy it and that I will hear from you!

Today, I reflect on water, an essential element of our lives

The Wisdom Of Wolves


By Jim & Jamie Dutcher - narrated by Traber Burns, Kate Mulligan, Kevin Kenerly 

5 hours 4 minutes

Day 220 of Year 3


With the wildfires raging in many countries while unseen cold fronts are hitting other locations, our thoughts go out to the afflicted people. Because we know that Nature is also part of our soul…