The Treasure Flower

Monday, October 2, 2023

Photos from my garden

If you want to add vibrant colors to your patio or garden, the gazania, also known as treasure flower, is the one to go for: they come in different vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. Native to the south of Africa, gazanias were named after Theodorus of Gaza in the 15th century. They are also commonly known as treasure flowers or African daisies. Gazanias love the sun and like to be in a hot place. If they do not get enough sun exposure, the bloom will close up. This is what happens at night and after the sun has set down. Gazanias still can survive winters that are not too harsh. They prefer well-drained and fertile soils that are pH neutral. They still can survive in acidic soil. They thrive in rocky terrain and can be planted on the side of your driveway. You can grow them from seeds or seedlings. This low-maintenance flower is prolific and attracts pollinators such as butterflies.

In the language of flowers, Gazania symbolizes good fortune, wealth, and riches. The red flowers embody passion and true love. The orange ones are associated with excitement, joy, and optimism. Yellow is for happiness, friendship, and loyalty. Pink gazanias illustrate affection, gentleness, and feminity. Finally, the white ones are often a token of sympathy or mourning and can represent spirituality and innocence. Because gazanias open their blooms during the day and close them at night, they are believed to represent balance and harmony between light and dark and constitute a reminder to remain resilient and withstand grim times and adversity. The vibrant colors are sometimes correlated with hope and renewal. Furthermore, the petals of the flowers can be used to make a natural dye and some people use the leaves to treat headaches and stomach issues.

Happy gardening 🌱

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