Once In A Blue Moon

Monday, September 4, 2023

What we refer to as a blue moon is the second full moon occurring in the same calendar month (calendar blue moon) or when it's the third full moon in a season/trimester (seasonal blue moon). Its color is however not blue, unless some dust and particles are in the atmosphere when it occurs. The moon cycle is calculated to be about 29.5 days long, the months of January, March, May, July, August, October, and December can witness this manifestation, unlike the month of February, even in leap years. A super full moon, like the one of last week, Thursday, August 31, 2023, is when the full moon is closest to Earth. The idiom "once in a blue moon" means that something has very little chance of happening, if ever. It is a rare and unfrequent event. Because in some instances, some solar calendar years have 13 full moons instead of 12, it is possible to witness what we call "blue moons". The Chinese and Hebrew lunisolar calendars, as well as the Islamic lunar calendar, do not include blue moons.

What about the spiritual effects of a blue moon? It is scientifically recorded that full moons influence tides and the growth of plants and living beings. This is due to the energetic exchange between the Moon and Earth. Blue moons being uncommon, it is believed that these particular times are meant for us to set and manifest our deepest positive desires and intentions. Native Americans consider a blue moon a stage of purification and cleansing. It is recommended to exercise inner reflection and self-discovery by ways of meditation, prayer, or any other means suitable to connect profoundly with our creator, our spirit guides, and higher realms. Additionally, the amplified intensity of a blue moon makes it easier to let go and release what is not meant for us and hinders us from reaching our purpose. Hence, blue moons are the symbol of transformation and fresh starts that are set with a pure heart. So when you find yourself on a spiritual path of awakening, deeper healing can ensue, generating a renewed vitality and passion that is very much tangible.

Now that you know all of the aforementioned, are you ready for the next blue moon? The next calendar blue moon will take place on August 19, 2024. And the next seasonal blue moon will happen on May 31, 2026. If you want to wait for 2 blue moons in the same year, you will have to wait until... 2037! This allows you to prepare yourself and to get more connected with Nature. What do you think?

Hereafter is a curated collection of pics, shot with my phone on 31.08.2023, no filter

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