Day 171 of Year 3


Today, we celebrate Father’s Day. I love you dad, and I’m forever grateful. For all you have put up with for and because of me and for your relentless faith in your daughter, especially when I doubted myself the most 💙💙

Day 131 of Year 3


Look around you. Appreciate what you have. Nothing will be the same in a month. Or in a year…

Day 127 of Year 3


Love and abundance surround us every day.
Every soul is connected to the abundance of the universe..

Day 119 of Year 3


I am blessed with a handful of [weird or not so weird] friends whom I would entrust my life to... makes one feel really good, especially in tough times!

Day 117 of Year 3


I tend to take things for granted at times. Then I remember all the things to be grateful for ??

Day 52 of Year 3


As I watch today's colorful sunset, I am in awe at God's perfect creation. How artistic can Nature simply be!

Day 19 of Year 3


I am blessed.

In so many ways.

Grateful for all the people who did the effort to stay in my life and also those who left as they made room for what I really needed.

Happy birthday to me!

Never felt younger at heart

Day 7 of Year 3


Today was a long strenuous one... and I’m grateful