Released on November 09, 2020

Financial Quiz 08


We are back with a simple question on what is a Balance Sheet?

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Financial Quiz - 05


Today's Financial quiz is about Financial Management.

Enjoy it!

Financial Quiz - 04


Back to the Monday financial quizzes!

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Financial Quiz - 03


This pop quiz concludes this month's quizzes.

Read on for last week's answers and the new series.

Financial Quiz - 02


Time for another pop quiz.


Financial Quiz - 01


I am starting a series of pop quizzes on select topics.

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My Name is Bond ... Eurobond


In this short article, I expose what eurobonds are in a simple and understandable way.

3 Essential Tips To Surviving Uncertain times


Thought Monday's financial post got lost in the mail?

Think again!

Read on about practical tips to manage your finances in uncertain times.

Cryptocurrencies And Crime


In this issue, I am tackling cryptocurrencies and the world of crime.

Read on to find out more!

Cryptocurrencies. Modus Operandi


In this article, I will explore the different cryptocurrencies and expose briefly how the "system" works.

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Article 7: How To Benefit From Debt


Well yes, one can surely benefit from being in debt. How so?

Payment cards are among us all and so many out there still hesitate to take advantage of them. Is it fear of not being able to repay the debt? Fear of spending without control? Or simply not knowing how to make use of the small yet practical plastic thing?

In this article, I will take you through the things to do, and obviously not to do, to enjoy using cards at your advantage and to remain debt free.

Article 6: Types of Plastic... Cards


Plastic is the new evil. On the environmental level.

Now on the financial level, it does provide with some advantages and in this article I will list the different types of cards

Article 5: On Lebanese Bank Secrecy...


Many people imagine sandy beaches and faraway islands when one mentions bank secrecy. And with a good reason.

Tax havens have mostly been located in such charming locations with flexible and little regarding AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Laws looking to attract the funds of wealthy individuals. But that is not always the case.

Let's take a closer look to at the Lebanese Bank Secrecy law and its current practices.

Article 4: How To Choose Your Next Bank in 5 Easy Steps


Still rolling your eyes? By now, you should have ditched that habit when reading my statements…

Unfortunately, a lot of people pay too many (high) fees on the maintenance of their accounts and do not benefit properly from the large array of possibilities available to them.

I am herewith giving you my insights on the possibilities available on the Lebanese market.