In the last part of this series on the classic ancient elements, I look into Aether, or Light of God.

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Earth, All Encompassing Element


The fourth element. Earth.

This post reflects on this major classic element.

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Air, Mind And Soul Symbol


In the third week of the Terra Mater section, today's contemplation is about Air.

One of the elements that the human eye cannot see, yet we cannot live without.

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Water, Essential Element


With this post, I am kickstarting the Terra Mater section.

I hope you enjoy it and that I will hear from you!

Today, I reflect on water, an essential element of our lives

Day 169 of Year 3


Another day brought more blessings… A reminder to keep my mind open for abundance & to remain true to my nature, no matter what 😊

Day 131 of Year 3


Look around you. Appreciate what you have. Nothing will be the same in a month. Or in a year…

Day 127 of Year 3


Love and abundance surround us every day.
Every soul is connected to the abundance of the universe..

Day 71 of Year 3


Every day holds the possibility of a miracle

Day 48 of Year 3


I barely slept, enjoying the sound of thunder and the rain...