Beirut, Always In My Heart


It's been three years since the Beirut port blast killed more than 200 people, injured several thousand, and caused damages that are still visible to date.

The images are still vivid in my head... as in the heads of many of my fellow citizens!

How could they not be?

The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran


ISBN: 987-0-394-4-04288

Knopf Double Day Publishing Group, 1923

Loki My Cat Is Turning One!


About a year ago, this adorable bundle of joy came into my life. He was a few weeks old, orphaned and found on the street by my friend’s mom who took him in.

Read on for his story!

The Forty Rules of Love


By Elif Shafak - narrated by Laural Merlington

11 hours 34 minutes

Day 357 of Year 3


Everybody is hustling around. Last minute preparations and gifts have to be secured. Have we posed for a moment to remember the essence of this Holy Day? Have we thought of the countless people who cannot afford a warm meal, or even have a roof over their heads?…

Day 345 of Year 3


We are spiritual beings in human form. Sometimes, we simply crave to connect with a soul who feels like home…

Day 329 of Year 3


Gratitude. More than just a simple thankfulness. It’s a mindset and a lifestyle!

Day 315 of Year 3


Since I am a child, I sense what energies are around me. Because your energy introduces you to me, before you even speak

Day 313 of Year 3


I often wonder whether it’s possible to get 7 hours of sleep in only 3…

Day 301 of Year 3


Faith is knowing that no matter what lies ahead, God is already there 🙂