Oven-Baked Lionfish


Yes. I am not a seafood fan.

This is however so easy to make, you are going to love it!

Read on for the simple recipe.

German Dumplings, aka Knödel


The foodie posts are back for the rest of this month!

This is the recipe to make delicious Knödel at home.

Read on for more...

Banana Chocolate Fondant


Yes. I am not a smashed banana fan.

And it's only recently that I started enjoying chocolate.

This cake is simple and doesn't require too many ingredients.

So how about you read on for the recipe?

Red Lentil Flatbread


I have been curious about this recipe for a while.

And it wasn't until last week that I gave it a try.

Extremely easy and fast to do... and deliciously customizable!

For details, read on 😋

Pain Perdu


This is an extremely easy and fast treat to make.

You can enhance its presentation with different and simple goodies.

Read on for my way to serve this delight!

Vegan Cheese Sauce With Nooch


Yes, you read right. It's vegan and cheesy. And obviously yummy!

Are you curious to try this recipe out?

Read on for the details.

Easy Orange Cake


I am back with Friday's foodie posts for 2023!

This is actually a mix of 2 recipes I saw online and the result was simply succulent.

Read on for the recipe!

Warm Potato Salad


I am a potato lover. Couldn't be more normal for someone who embraced the German nationality more than 3 decades ago.

And when I grill German white sausages with herbs for my guests, a potato salad is on the menu.

Read on for the recipe!

Simple Apple Bread


Another simple bake.

You will enjoy preparing it and it's yummy!

Read on for the detailed recipe and some tips 😋

Simple Yogurt Cake


This recipe might originally be French.

It is straight-forward in its making.

Read on for the details!

Coconut "Failed" Dessert


I was trying to recreate my childhood favorite dessert that mom used to treat us with, no-bake coconut balls.

I failed miserably... and transformed the mixture into a cake by adding a few ingredients.

Read on to find out more!

Pan-Seared Salmon With Black Rice


I had to make space in my freezer and didn't feel like standing in the kitchen for long hours.

That's why I put up this dish together.

Read on for the recipe!

Quickly Made Welcome Drink


Having impromptu guests coming over?

This welcome drink is yummy and requires only 2 ingredients!

Read on for the recipe

Mini Choco Cups


I like my guests to have a memorable experience when they visit my home.

So, since most people love chocolate, these mini cups are great to serve liqueur, Irish cream, or some chantilly in them.

And, the cups are edible!

Read on for how to make these quick and tasteful bites.

Fresh Fish Dinner


I do not like seafood. Except for Salmon and King Prawns...

But when my friend had a really good deep sea catch and invited us over, I went to taste it. And we loved it!

Read on for the recipes!