In the last part of this series on the classic ancient elements, I look into Aether, or Light of God.

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Earth, All Encompassing Element


The fourth element. Earth.

This post reflects on this major classic element.

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Air, Mind And Soul Symbol


In the third week of the Terra Mater section, today's contemplation is about Air.

One of the elements that the human eye cannot see, yet we cannot live without.

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Fire, Symbol of Life


Fire is considered the opposite of water as an element.

Many think of it as a destructive power, yet it entails so much more!

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Water, Essential Element


With this post, I am kickstarting the Terra Mater section.

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Today, I reflect on water, an essential element of our lives

Day 224 of Year 3


Today was an energetically charged day…

Day 173 of Year 3


Today, I’m reflecting on the divine feminine. Could it be because my terrace and garden attract mostly female cats? 🤔

Day 149 of Year 3


The adage states that energy flows where the intention goes…

Day 148 of Year 3


The universe doesn’t speak English. It speaks frequency - Hanif 

Day 60 of Year 3


I have this much energy today and I will not fight battles that don’t matter to me!

Day 57 of Year 3


Feeling grounded gives one a sense of balance and peace. Happy weekend!

Day 7 of Year 3


Today was a long strenuous one... and I’m grateful