Aloe Vera, My Ultimate Panacea


Aloe vera is a wonderful plant with a plethora of uses and health benefits.

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Fox Facts & Symbolism


Have you heard the expression "crazy like a fox" before?

What to know more facts and understand the symbolism related to foxes?

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The Desert Rose Meaning, Uses & Benefits


This plant is an amazing one and you will not only encounter it in dry regions.

You can grow one too!

To know more about its benefits and how to care for it, read the post.

Lily Of The Valley


It's May first today and the Lily of the Valley symbolizes it in many countries.

How come? What does it mean?

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On Encountering Multiple Monarch Butterflies


I previously wrote about butterflies.

This is going to be specifically about the Monarch Butterflies.

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The Black Vulture... A Sign For Death Or Rebirth?


Spotting a black vulture in the Americas does not only happen in the wilderness.

This bird is not a simple scavenger and carries several -sometimes contradictory- spiritual meanings.

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Red Ginger Plant


This tropical plant is an ornamental evergreen that looks beautiful.

And it also comes with several health benefits.

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Conserving Forests, A Must Do


How do we conserve forests? Is it worth the efforts?

How do we individuals contribute to that?

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Acacia... Or Mimosa?


It's spring and the acacias are in full bloom.

Wait! Are these plants mimosas or acacias?

And are they useful at all?

Mother Nature always is, indeed.

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Stinging Nettle Uses


Growing up we learned the hard way to stay away from stinging nettle plants.

And for good reason: as its name says, this "weed" caused itchy and irritated skin.

In the past few years, I have been exploring the uses and benefits of whatever grows in my garden, so let's check it out!

Caring For And Growing Azaleas


Spring is coming earlier this year... and some plants are already in bloom.

My azaleas are not an exception in showing their colors.

Read on for more on how to take care of these ornamental flowers.

The Six-Spot Burnet


I decided to go for a walk at a nearby park yesterday.

Upon arriving, my eye caught a beautiful day-flying moth...

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Christmas Star Flower Or Poinsettia


It's the season for these flowers to bloom in different colors.

What is their origin? And their spiritual meaning?

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Recycling 101 - Reuse And Repurpose


Now that we looked into what to recycle and how to do it at home, how about checking re-using, and re-purposing?

And you might be surprised that's even better than recycling! How so?

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Recycling 101 - What To Recycle?


The first step in the recycling process is collecting the recyclables.

How do we decide what to recycle? How do we proceed at home?

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