Cedar Of Lebanon


When I discovered that the conifers in my garden were in fact cedars and not a type of fir, I was thrilled!

Besides being the emblem of my country of birth, Lebanese cedars have multiple benefits.

Read on to find out more!

Marvel Of Peru


This ornamental flower is sort of special.

I only planted a small stem this summer and it has grown and is already blooming šŸ„°

Read on for the uses of this beautiful plant...

Rain, Benefits And Disadvantages


With the first good rain yesterday, I decided to dedicate a post to one of our survival elements.

Could it also be our doom?

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Chloromyia Or The Soldier Fly


Since I am spendingĀ time in my garden, it is normal to stumble upon its inhabitants.

What are soldier flies?

Read on and maybe you could help me!

Care For Your Hoya Carnosa


I am grateful that the very small stem cutting my mom gave me a few years ago grew well and started blooming last year.

Although considered low maintenance, the Hoya Carnosa is easily crumpled.

Read on to learn how to best take care of your porcelain flower.

Have You Spotted The Virgin Ivy Yet?


This noticeable plant goes by different denominations.

Its most remarkable trait is that its leaves turn red in the fall season, or as soon as the weather gets cooler.

Want to know more? Read on!

Commelina Communis, The Asiatic Dayflower


I enjoy relaxing in my garden and am sometimes reluctant to pull weeds from empty planters.

After all, they are living beings. So as long as they are not harming any of my flowers/plants, I just leave them be.

Read on to find out more about this beautiful flower that grew out of nowhere!

Daffodils: Symbolism, Varieties & Care


If one daffodil is worth a thousand pleasures, then one is too few - William Wordsworth

I stumbled on some wild daffodils on an outing with friends.

So here are some info about this flower, and its symbolism!

Lavender And Its Benefits


Lavender smells so relaxing!

What are the other uses for this herb?

Read on to find out more šŸŒ±

The White Spider


Last week, while shooting the short reel for the plumeria post, I spotted a small transluscent dude in one of the plumeria flowers.

I had to research it and try to learn the necessary to make sure my small tree is safe.

Read on to find out more about white spiders!

Grow And Care For Plumerias


This winter was harsch on my garden. Every plant, shrub and tree looked like it has suffered a staged war and the garden seemed overall gloomy.

With the warmer temperatures and the guidance of 2 agricultural engineers, I managed to turn that general appearance around.

Read on for the tips on how to care for plumerias.

Praying Mantis, A Wondrous Insect


On a Saturday night, heading to my car, I noticed this little dancing creature on my windshield.

And I couldnā€™tĀ but smile! It looked so cute!

Read on to find outĀ more about the praying mantis...

Are Roly-Poly Bugs Harmless?


I am NOT a fan of insects or bugs. Long ago, when I livedĀ in the Philippines, I learned to live and let them live... outside of my space!

This year, I am stumbling upon several bugs and pests in my garden. And I am sharing these encounters with you.

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Grasshoppers... a bad omen?


Flip the Grasshopper from the children's anime show Maya the Bee is kind of cute.

Are real-life grasshoppers a bad omen or a good sign?

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Let's Use Banana Peel


Banana is not only a great source of potassium. It provides nutrients, phytochemicals, and antioxidants.

Even its peel can be used for many things.

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