Rain, Benefits And Disadvantages

Monday, October 24, 2022

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With the first rain of the season yesterday, my mood improved and I paused my activities to just quietly listen and smell the earthy smell. Finally, winter is on its way! I start waiting for that moment from the first days of summer when temperatures rise above my liking limit! And it's always a sense of relief, deep peace, and big smiles that I experience then. Right before I take out a favorite book and make some hot choco to savor while reading...

Rain is usually negatively regarded by people who get stuck in traffic, whose streets and sometimes homes get flooded, or the ones who experience mudslides. Excessive rain can indeed cause damage and take human lives. However, these incidents occur less frequently when we behave consciously toward our environment. Rain scarcity on the other hand can harm ecosystems. Vegetation life relies on water to remain sustainable and prolonged drought periods cause famine and death to animals and humans. When rainwater is collected and stored, it can serve to irrigate gardens, produce electricity, or even for daily home uses.

In the opposite case, where rain is excessive and causes flooding and mudslides, humans have generally created a few solutions to minimize casualties, like forestation or even shrub planting for the soils to remain stable, elevating constructions and building canals to direct water and excess flow of water in certain directions. We cannot control whether it would be raining cats and dogs or just drizzling nor for how long. What we can do is:

* drive cautiously when out in wet weather: we don't want to be a hazard to others on the roads

* protect our environment by planting as much as we can, and avoid cutting down trees or erecting buildings too close to rivers or seashores

* keep canals clear from rubbish that humans threw out or from natural "waste" such as dead leaves and plants/trees

Remember that rainwater purifies the air from negative energies and pollution. It might look gloomy to you and make you wish for the sun to shine again, yet it is essential to Life.

Happy refreshing moments!

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