Black Irises In My Garden

Monday, November 21, 2022

Even if nowadays most of us know about the iris flower/plant as a decorative item, it has numerous uses. The iris flower is generally considered to depict wisdom, elegance, faith, and royal happenings in life. It is known for its impeccable beauty and comes in different colors and varieties. It represents passion, determination, and the persistent hope in fighting hardship. When people gift you an iris, they wish to express their love and respect to you.

In Greek mythology, Iris indicates a rainbow and it was the name of the Goddess who was the messenger between heaven and earth. This is why spiritually, this bloom symbolizes a means of communication, a connection. The flower is closely associated with Christianity as it symbolizes the Holy Trinity and is linked to the passion and resurrection of Christ. Makes sense as it blooms in the first weeks of spring. French kings are said to have adopted it because of its shape and consider the trinity conveyed by the flower to mean faith, valor, and wisdom. In Islam, irises convey remembrance, love, and devotion. Some people also believe that the iris flower represents intuition and psychic abilities. In Japan, the iris flower is considered to purify evil and heal negative energies. In Ancient Egypt, the iris was a symbol of authority, power, and purity of human souls and it was believed to protect the pharaoh's powers in the next life. In China, irises are known as "the purple butterfly" and it is also believed to be a natural healer and to ensure a cleansing energy. In North America, irises are symbols of hope, conviction, and knowledge.

There are several hundreds of species of Iris flowers. Thus, they come in different colors. Purple, which is one of the most common iris colors, symbolizes royalty, respect, and knowledge. White stands for purity, humility, and patience. Blue advocates for faith, devotion, and trust. Yellow means passion and friendship. Orange advocates bravery and exuberance. Pink shows passion, love, and deep bonding. While red is more about passion, love, and romance. And the black colored ones show honor, pride, and change.

This fascinating plant is easy to grow. And provides multiple benefits. When it blooms, it means spring has come and new beginnings are on their way. It has been used in the perfume industry in Italy since the 19th century and was already a popular scent in Ancient Greece and Rome. And it also has a medicinal history going back to ancient times. The plant was used to treat skin diseases, syphilis, cholera, colds, and stomach ailments. Currently, some types are used to experiment on Alzheimer's patients as lab rats showed improved cognitive function when tested.

Happy gardening 🌱 

Hereafter are some of the pictures shot by Dr. Youssef T.

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