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In Barbieland, the "dolls" are in charge and can do it all: from the colored president, the Nobel prize winner, to the weirdo and every shade in between. Most are named Barbie. Their male counterparts, all named Ken, are secondary characters. Even shallower than their female companions. Allan, Ken's supposed best friend, is a bland character, and "just Allan" doesn't seem to add any value to the whole narrative. The show is supposedly funny, with parodies about the red pill of The Matrix or the definition of being a man as per The Godfather. I didn't laugh. And while puns and allusions were made to how the Mattel Corporation had deviated from what its founder Ruth intended and the engrained belief that Barbie contributed to the emancipation of women all over the world and restraining patriarchy, I couldn't but get annoyed at the idiotic arguments that were presented. Yes, there was that speech about being a woman in our modern societies. Being looked at as an object is certainly not enjoyable. But that tirade was... boring. Truth is, the dangers of toxic masculinity cannot be opposed with more feminism, which is pernicious in itself!

Yes. I am a woman. Happy to be one too! I cannot fathom that humanity hates women so much that it actually believes feminism is now serving anything but the purpose of destroying societies, families, and individuals. Oh, I do not deny the importance of women being part of the workforce, be it on top or at the bottom of the professional pyramid. It was equally necessary for women to cast their ideas and their beliefs publicly. Yet, we should be aware that this scheme was just intended to increase taxation so that the governments have more income, as well as women being kept so busy that they wouldn't want to procreate or take care of a family. Now, there are women whose aspirations are not limited to breeding or a job. Some combine the two. Some just don't. And it's all good when it's not a peer-pressured decision. Women are not what they dress, what they are perceived as, or the position they hold. Even implanting a vagina won't make a man a woman! Women are kind and magnificent beings who thrive with outstanding men by their sides. It is not about who is going to dominate the other or be better than the other. It's about complementarity because each gender is designed to excel at something that the other is less good at. Life is not limited to a color, be it pink or blue. Life is made of millions of hues. And if you cannot notice that, get yourself some glasses: the sight is impressive, to those who can see it that is...

Bottom line: this motion picture is a total waste of time. And money. It is so dull and innocuous, that I cannot understand the whole fighting over showing it at theaters in Lebanon or not. Yes, women are not passive or meek. Their role is not to be docile. Being a woman is a complex task. That is why Adam was created before Eve. Because women are warriors and that fighting for what is right spirit was instilled in them by their mothers AND fathers who raised them TOGETHER. See, children need functional adults around them to grow up with fewer traumas and more balanced personalities. The entire pulling is now linked to the LGBTQ+ agenda and the authorities minding our private business, which should have sounded all alarms in 2020 already. However, it is quite foolish to mix everything in one pot. The masses are being kept busy and looking away from the real matters. Avoid observing the issue from its tail and acknowledge that children require protection, women are to be respected on their own, and men remain an important component of our communities. Your sexuality is a private matter and has to remain as such without you imposing it or flaunting it in the face of others. Violence only breeds more violence and results from ignorance and fear. It is about time we rise above these lowly sentiments, don't you think?

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As always, great review, succinct as much as possible, and to the point.

Thank you!

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