Dr. Sebi: 8 Books in 1

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

This guide was put together by Serena Brown, who was overweight and struggled with her health. Adopting the herbalist's recommended lifestyle, she cured her diabetes and high blood pressure in 6 months and vouched to spread the word of Dr. Sebi's teachings. Alfredo Bowman aka Dr. Sebi, who passed away in 2016, was a self-proclaimed healer who used herbs as medicine and claimed to treat cancer and AIDS with his recommended alkaline diet.

This collection is presented in 3 parts to include:

- Dr. Sebi Diet

- Dr. Sebi Fasting

- Dr. Sebi Treatments

- Dr. Sebi Herpes Solution

- Dr. Sebi Autoimmune Solution

- Dr. Sebi Kidney Failure Solution

- Dr. Sebi Anxiety Solution

- Dr. Sebi Cookbook

The "Health" topic is a best seller. Many are the authors who claim to propagate the philosophy of a man considered a fraud by numerous doctors and of course, the pharma complex. I haven't tried the detox plan or the fasting recommendations, but I am interested enough after listening to this compilation to give these a try. It is a fact that when we stay away from processed foods, and medical drugs to return to a plant-based diet, our bodies will shed their accumulated toxic waste and we will surely feel better. And maybe live longer. Not that I am interested in the latter. However, I do intend to enjoy my life as healthy as possible. I am convinced that Mother Nature can relieve us from our ailments and that herbs can keep away diseases and remedy severe conditions and/or illnesses.

I recommend this collection if you are curious about this way of life and want to understand what to feed yourself to remain as healthy and for as long as you want! I wouldn't apply it to the letter. Each body is unique and will react differently. Many sayings are controversial scientifically. It is obvious that pharmaceutical industries will not support what can disrupt their multi-billion-dollar business system. And the followers of Dr. Sebi claim that he was silenced because he was a threat to the established mainstream medical rule. In the end, what matters is that we reconnect with our environment and benefit from its multiple assets to lead a sane and blissful life.

Happy reading or listening!

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