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The coding and the new skin for this website are definitely completed...

I am so relieved and thankful to Mario who worked relentlessly to get the features as I wanted to have them. Now I can say: "Hello world! Hop along and let's have some fun!!"

Being an avid learner and always scientifically curious, I will hence be looking forward to your constructive messages and notes for "It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others" - Michel de Montaigne, French Renaissance philosopher and writer.

Feel free to browse across the sections / categories and send me comments and suggestions by email or through any other platform. Happy reading :)

Behind The Scenes


What is Terra Mater and why do I do this?

Wanna find out more and view how some issues are actually being addressed?

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Au Nom De La Liberté


Cela fait longtemps que je n'ai pas écrit en français. Vous me pardonnerez mes erreurs...

Cet article est un cri au nom de notre liberté d'expression.

Pour en savoir plus, lisez la suite!

Festive Foods - Squash Soup


Whether Christmas will be white at your end, or not, how about you kick off your dinner with a tasty bowl of squash soup?
Read on for the recipe and some health info too!

Festive Foods - Sushi


It's December ... again. And this month, we all celebrate in different ways: some on the beach, others near the chimney.

In this series, I will be sharing with you festive foods that a lot of us enjoy.

Read on to find out what today's post is about!

Natural Immunity Boosters - Spinach


In this article, let's go beyond the Popeye the sailor man cartoon recommendations and check out the health benefits that spinach provides.

Curious yet?

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Natural Immunity Boosters - Citrus Fruits


In this article, I look closer at citrus fruits.

We all know they are loaded with vitamins and improve our body’s immune response to fight infections.

What are their other benefits? Let's find out!

Natural Immunity Boosters - Beetroot


The second article in this series explores the health benefits of this superfood, beetroot.

Read on to find out more!

Natural Immunity Boosters - Broccoli


With fall season and the weather change, it seems essential to boost our immunity and remain as healthy as possible.

This new series explores foods that strengthen the immune system.

Curious to find out more? Read on!

Robaiyat, Omar Khayyam


Translated from Persian

Edition d'Art H. Piazza, 1951

Tomato Bulgur Pilaf


It’s fall and finally time for some hearty dishes that don’t take much time to be ready to be served.

Read on for the easy recipe!

Spirited Away


Released in Japan on July 20, 2001

Homemade Ricotta Cheese


It took the current crisis situation in Lebanon for me to think of making ricotta cheese at home 🙂

Read on for the very easy recipe that requires only 3 ingredients.