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The coding and the skin for my blog's website were completed by Mario a few years ago. He had worked relentlessly to get the features as I wanted to have them and helps me out with any coding matter that arises.

Since then, I have enjoyed writing and publishing short and longer posts, in different categories. Many of you have also provided me with constructive comments/feedback and thus assisted me on this journey.

Being an avid learner and always scientifically curious, I still look forward to your constructive messages and notes for "It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others" - Michel de Montaigne, French Renaissance philosopher and writer.

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Off To Canela To... Recharge


Based in Gramado for a week, Canela was just a short drive away.

This pretty little town was also an interesting exploration on its own.

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The Untethered Soul


By Michael A. Singer, narrated by Peter Berkrot

6 hours 11 min

The Differences between Clouds, Contrails, And Chemtrails


What are the basic types of clouds?

What do they indicate? Are they natural or man-made?

Read this short post to find out more about contrails and chemtrails too!

Let's Drive Up To... Gramado!


Eager to leave the heat at the shores, I couldn't drive fast enough to Gramado, where I would stay for several days to explore the city and its neighboring attractions.

This small tourist town has a lot to offer and is one of the 13 municipalities on the Romantic Route that runs through the Serra Gaucha region.

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The Dragonfly, Aka The Devil's Darning Needle


Today, let's check out dragonflies.

What are they? Do they have a spiritual meaning?

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Porto Alegre, A City Mosaic Of Old And New


Heading south to explore several cities, I stopped in Porto Alegre for the day.

The city charmed my artistic senses. However, I don't think I would revisit it.

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By Katrina Day & Philomena Polefrone, narrated by Julia Rehwald, Chace Crawford, Beau Bridges, Helen Hunt, Justin H. Min, Rachel Dratch, Jessica Barden, Becca Blackwell, Bree Sharp, and full cast

4 hours 56 min

Once In A Blue Moon


What is a blue moon? How often does it occur?

Does it hold a particular spiritual significance?

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Cunha, A Historic And Blessed City


Perched on top of the Paraíba Valley, Cunha is a charming city in between the states of São Paulo and Rio.

Whether you are just passing through or heading there for a few days, this town has a lot to offer!

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The Lotus Vs. Water Lily


It took my water lilies 5 years to finally bloom this summer!

I had almost given up on them when I noticed the beautiful little bud that had transformed into a beautiful flower 🥰

Read this post to learn more about the differences between the lotus and water lily!

Guaratinguetá. Visit For A Weekend


My 4th trip to Brazil started with a laidback weekend, far from the hectic rhythm of the cities and my list of explorations.

Guaratinguetá is a charming village, where one can rest, body and soul.

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Aye! Soldier Bug Coming Through


They come in different shapes and colors. And you probably have spotted them in your garden.

Hence, the legitimate question: pests or friendly predators?

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