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The coding and the new skin for this website are definitely completed...

I am so relieved and thankful to Mario who worked relentlessly to get the features as I wanted to have them. Now I can say: "Hello world! Hop along and let's have some fun!!"

Being an avid learner and always scientifically curious, I will hence be looking forward to your constructive messages and notes for "It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others" - Michel de Montaigne, French Renaissance philosopher and writer.

Feel free to browse across the sections / categories and send me comments and suggestions by email or through any other platform. Happy reading :)

Basic Gardening Tips - Part 1


Spring is here. While Nature is still getting ready, time for some planting and seeding! And if I can do it, so can you

This is a series of tips and tricks on what constitutes my simple gardening experience.

Awaiting your feedback!

Lent Food Ideas - Part 3


I was visiting my sister, dropping off some stuff and getting what she had procured for me, and this dish smelled too delicious not to be tasted.

I’m not a seafood lover, and still the aromas made me almost drool!

Read on for the recipe 😋


The Forty Rules of Love


By Elif Shafak - narrated by Laural Merlington

11 hours 34 minutes

Baking Soda Or Sodium Bicarbonate


Another multi-usage household item that is cheap and very efficient.

Read on to find out more!

Lent Food Ideas - Part 2


People who know me were surprised I made this dish: I don't like eggplant...

It turned out to be an easy-to-make nutritious and delicious snack.

Read on for the recipe!

Kabbalah, Mari Silva


ISBN: 979-8-741-64910-7

Independently published, April 2021

Vinegar, For Multiple Uses


In this post, I look into vinegar and the multiple ways it can be used at home.

Want to find out more?

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Lent Food Ideas - Part 1


This series is for the people who asked for ideas of lent recipes.

I hope you enjoy them!

Read on for details of a healthy salad with shrimps and omelette.

War And Peace, Leo Tolstoy


ISBN: 978-0-670-03469-7

Viking Adult, 2006

Low-Cost And Environmental Dishwashing


In this article, I share some tips and tricks for low-cost, clean dishwashing that is at the same environmentally friendly.

Curious to find out more?

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Sourdough Focaccia


My friend left me his sourdough starter to feed while he is away…

So, I had the idea to make a sourdough focaccia try-out.

Read on for the recipe!

Let's Talk About Harmony...


Over the past few weeks, I explored the five classical elements that the ancient civilizations considered at the core and connect everything.

With this article, I am embarking on the journey of daily actions each of us can take, and maybe already is, to be more in balance with our environment.

Read on to find out more and I will be awaiting your comments and feedback for more inspiration!

Pão De Batata


This is one of my favorite dishes that I discovered in Brazil.

It doesn’t require too many ingredients and is easy to make.

Read on for a recipe that I base myself on and get creative with 😋