Advent Calendar Day 15: Tiger's Eye


Tiger's Eye is a powerful protective tool that also has healing properties.

General info was shared on December 7.

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Advent Calendar Day 14: Carnelian


In the series of polished stones, today's window opened on a tumbled piece of Carnelian.

General traits were already shared on December 3.

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Advent Calendar Day 13: Sodalite


Because of its blue tone, Sodalite is often mistaken for Lapis Lazuli.

Let's find out what the differences are and some more.

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Advent Calendar Day 12: Black Obsidian


The Black Obsidian stone is one of my favorites.

This gem is valuable for a spiritual journey and has many interesting properties/benefits.

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Advent Calendar Day 11: Amethyst


Today's stone is also an amethyst, like on the first advent calendar day.

In this post, I will add more info about this powerful stone.

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Advent Calendar Day 10: Red Jasper


It's already December 10...

Today's window was hiding a Red Jasper.

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Advent Calendar Day 9: Amazonite


This time, the Amazonite stone is polished.

I had written about the major traits a few days ago.

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Advent Calendar Day 8: Lapiz Lazuli


Here comes one of my favorite stones, and not only because of its blue color.

Lapis Lazuli is associated with legends, royalty, and deities from different cultures around the world.

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Advent Calendar Day 7: Tiger's Eye


Eager to discover the day's stone, I was surprised the Advent Calendar disclosed a rough-cut Tiger's Eye.

This powerful crystal was commonly used as an amulet to oppose curses and spells.

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Advent Calendar Day 6: Amazonite


Yesterday's stone was a green aventurine and today is another green crystal, the amazonite.

How to tell the difference between the two?

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Advent Calendar Day 5: Green Aventurine


On the fifth day, the hidden stone turned out to be a green aventurine.

Let's find out more about this healing crystal!

Advent Calendar Day 4: Citrine


Today, I opened the fourth window and...

...tadaa! A rough-cut citrine was there.

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Advent Calendar Day 3: Carnelian


After a long tiring day, I finally got to open the third window of the Crystal's Advent Calendar.

It was another rough-cut stone, Carnelian.

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Advent Calendar Day 2: Red Jasper


On day 2, the window conceiled a rough-cut red jasper.

Another versatile and powerful crystal.

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Advent Calendar Day 1: Amethyst


The first window revealed the amethyst in a rough cut.

Curious to know more about this powerful stone?

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