45 Things I Learned... 14


I read an article about technology and AI last night...

It made me think about humanity.

Curious to follow my line of reasoning?

45 Things I Learned... 13


Building on the lesson of spirituality, it is only normal to share stories about intuition.

Wanna know more?

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45 Things I Learned... 12


I believe that we are physical, mental, and spiritual beings.

I shared with you about health and faith. Time to get into spirituality.

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45 Things I Learned... 11


In the previous post, I shared how I perceive the magic of Life.

Today, I will tell you about faith and the role it plays for me.

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45 Things I Learned... 10


I have witnessed magical moments at different moments in my life.

This might come as a surprise to some because I am deeply spiritual...

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45 Things I Learned... 9


This lesson I wish I had learned sooner in life: it is to do more of the things I enjoy and that make me happy now!

But, like my grandma used to remind me, better later than never!

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45 Things I Learned... 8


I wasn't always a foodie. Nor was I much interested in it.

When and how did that all change for me?

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45 Things I learned... 7


After writing on receiving, and that's an art to master, guess what tonight's post is about?

Well, it's going to be about sharing!

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45 Things I Learned... 6


Since it was my birthday yesterday, and I obviously received gifts, today's post is about giving and receiving them.

It sounds pretty straightforward. But it didn't come naturally to me to receive. And I am still learning how to!

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45 Things I Learned... 5


The time has finally come to celebrate 👻👻

My sister was born on the same day and date... but 11 years and some after me 😊

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45 Things I Learned... 4


It's D-1...

I'm so excited 👻

Grateful that I got to live and experience this much 🙏🏻

Happy to be alive and kicking... and mostly that I'm generally healthy 😊

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45 Things I Learned... 3


The third post in this series is about... Carpe Diem 👻

This has been my way of life, intuitively developed over the years to become a more conscious and daily choice.

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45 Things I Learned... 2


On the second day, let's talk about stress.

Curious to know more?

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45 Things I learned... 1


To celebrate 2023 and making it this far, I am coming back to writing with a new series:

Since I will be turning 45 in a few days 👻 here are 45 things I learned over the years.

Ready? Let's get started!

Day 256 of Year 3


Learning to properly rest helps in dealing with stress…