45 Things I learned... 1

Sunday, January 15, 2023

A year ago, I reluctantly took this selfie to share some positive news with my best friend who lives at the other end of the world. I was genuinely happy. I'm just not that comfortable in front of the camera 🙈

Today, I kickstart a new series that will last 45 days, since I am turning 45 in a few. Each day, I will be sharing something I learned over these years. And I am deeply grateful to have made it this far!

The first lesson I learned decades ago is that "play" is the best tool to feel alive. You see, that little girl in me has been my companion all those years. I never wanted to tame her. She was and still is a rebel, an explorer, and an avid learner of all things of the mind. By keeping mini-me present in my life, I was not impersonating a female version of Peter Pan. Not at all! As a Capricorn, I was too driven, organized, and with my feet firmly set on the ground as can be. Well, maybe just one foot... Coz this little breeze was my way into the dream world, the land of all possibilities, and the hunger to enjoy life no matter what it threw at me...

Hereafter, are a few quotes:

The true object of all human life is play - G.K. Chesterton

Play is our brain's favorite way of learning - Diane Ackerman

We don't stop playing because we grow old... We grow old because we stop playing - G.B. Shaw

What do you think?

I say, let's all playÂ đŸ‘»đŸ‘»

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Advance Happy Bday!

Thank you!

We are far too seldom little children inside.
Let's play, laugh and enjoy the little things in life.


I don't know if we could call it "feminine telepathy" ; on your article' publishing day, the idea of Peter Pan came to my mind. I was wondering if Peter Pan could be a girl. If yes, could I be one?


The last time I played was in 2017. Spontaneously, with a bunch of people we decided to reach a ball and play soccer.
With our 30' body shape, bellies, fresh lunch, we run and laughed and cursed that we ate too much.

What I remember about that moment, that everything was possible. I was feeling powerful. Nothing could stop me.
Though it was a slowmotion run with a heavy stomach, I was flying. Happiness was a path that I choose by being a child.

Never be serious in a game!
Play, laugh, cheat, steal, trick, run, kiss.

Life is a big game. So don't take it too seriously :)

Thank you for sharing your feedback! I'm glad my post brought back some good memories of laughter and fun :) On to more!!

Tu as parfaitement raison! Je continue Ă  jouer comme un enfant du badminton avec mes filles et Elle (qud elle est lĂ , le jeu est diffĂ©rent 😞) Certains critiquent, moi, je m’en moque!
Ça fait du bien, c’est reparateur 😍😍

Bravo! Garde cet esprit, c'est le secret pour bien vivre notre vie đŸ€—

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