New Year

Welcome 2024!


The end of the 2023 cycle is near...

A few hours more to go...

Read on for my wishes 😁

Day 365 of Year 3


Tonight, on the third year and 365th day, I write the last post of the How Can I Help You campaign… The past 3 years have made this project evolve. I’m quite proud of what it has become. And also grateful for all the feedback I received.

Because life has always been a good teacher to me, and sometimes quite a tough one, it is time to close this chapter, which was rewarding in so many aspects, and to try something new...

Day 364 of Year 3


I think most of us are happy 2021 is almost over.

It’s been quite challenging and full of lessons.

Because each end signals a new beginning.

I’ll drink to this.

Cheers 🍸

Day 3 of Year 3


I came across this Apache blessings / wishes and I they are worth a share!

Bye Bye 2019... 2020, I'm Ready!


Final thoughts as I peacefully spend the last evening of this tumultuous year reflecting and introspecting.