45 Things I Learned... 29


Nature is an extremely powerful healer.

I always respected it, yet rarely took the time to sense its frequencies...

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45 Things I Learned...28


How can I be curious about science and not tackle the subject of medicine?

This story is not a good or fun one but I consider its outcome/lesson to be very positive.

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45 Things I Learned... 27


Since I wrote about science yesterday, today it's going to be Healing.

How does it start? What does it entail?

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45 Things I Learned... 26


Since yesterday's post was about intellect and intelligence, today I'm writing about science.

In recent years, science seems to have derailed its original purpose.

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45 Things I Learned... 25


My mind is always in motion ever since I can remember.

So let's talk about intellect today.

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45 Things I Learned... 24


The death toll the earthquakes in Turkey and neighboring countries is on the rise.

Hence this post about death. It's not as macabre as it sounds.

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45 Things I Learned... 23


Today's natural disasters in Turkey and the whole crescent region reminded me of a small lesson that mom taught me.

It is not about earthquakes, as it goes beyond the event and its magnitude.

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45 Things I Learned... 22


Before I studied political science, I had no clue that it was part of our everyday lives...

What's my take on this and what did I learn?

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45 Things I Learned... 21


Until a few years ago, I never thought of myself as creative. Until I was surprised that I was!

This story is about one original perspective executed on a wall in my home.

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45 Things I Learned... 20


Negotiation is based on dialogue, not a monologue, and requires communication skills.

It can be innate or acquired but takes experience to be mastered.

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45 Things I Learned... 19


As I wrote yesterday, communicating well is an art to be mastered.

It is one of the cornerstones of leadership.

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45 Things I Learned... 18


Human connection is often if not mostly channeled via communication.

It sounds pretty easy to do. In fact, it is not. Another art to be mastered 😊

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45 Things I Learned... 17


Put simply:

"Be strong enough to stand alone,
Smart enough to know when you need help,
And brave enough to ask for it" (unknown author)

Read the adventure behind how I learned to ask for help when needed in the post!

45 Things I Learned... 16


We do not get to choose our blood families. We however have the power to select who gets to be close to us.

The beauty of friendship cannot be simply described...

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45 Things I Learned... 15


Our emotions make us real and our capacity to bond with other people is a sign of our humanity.

What stronger bond than the one of the family?

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