Recycling 101 - Basics


It's this time of the year when everyone exchanges gifts and buys new household or wardrobe items.

A lot of trash ensues and if we want to leave a not-so-negative imprint on Earth, recycling is what can help.

In this new series, I will be exploring matters of recycling and how it can be incorporated easily into our daily lives.

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Day 345 of Year 3


We are spiritual beings in human form. Sometimes, we simply crave to connect with a soul who feels like home…

Day 317 of Year 3


This Sunday I’m just chilling in the mountains. Taking in the fresh air. Enjoying the timid sun rays. Listening & feeling relaxed…

Day 312 of Year 3


Starting a new working week with one of my preferred reads… it got me thinking how a connection between people is simply the energy that makes them feel seen, heard and valued so that they can give and receive without judgement and reap sustenance and strength from the relationship...

Day 278 of Year 3


In a world of algorithms, let’s remember the value and the importance of human connection. The outage of the social apps yesterday inspired this post

Day 197 of Year 3


Food for thought. Beautiful message by the White Eagle from Hopi Nation

Diet For Divine Connection


By Margaret Paul - narrated by the author

8 hours 47 minutes

Day 146 of Year 3


Tonight I reflect on separation..

Day 118 of Year 3


I am a mix of shines and flaws. So here are some words to ponder upon...



Seasons 1 & 2 (2015 - 2018)

Day 37 of Year 3


Today would have been Bob Marley’s birthday. So he inspired tonight’s post